Another Friday, another set of scans from the DC Cosmic Cards set.

The Guardian is one of those supporting heroes from the Post Crisis era that I have a lot of affection for.  I have always liked his look and there’s that, “I was there on the ground floor,” feeling, at least as far as his Post 1988 appearances went.  Superman (Vol. 2) #23 and Superman Annual #2 both kept me company as I rode in the car with my Dad and eldest sister as we took her to college in the late summer of 1988.  I remember not knowing who this Guardian guy was but digging on him just the same.  He was always a welcome sight after that, so it was great that he got a card in this series.  Bogdanove had a more classic take on the character when he drew him in the comics and that carried over here.

More to follow…

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