It is no secret that I love me some Justice League/Justice League Unlimited so it should come as no surprise that I am posting this video.  It is from the Justice League second season episode called Hereafter, which featured another take on the death of Superman.

Fortress Bullet Points!

  • I love the Superman: The Animated Series music cue when Superman arrives to fight Kalibak.
  • Damn that version of the Toyman still creeps me out.
  • The moment after Superman “dies” and everyone just freezes as the rain starts to pour down is very effective.  It nearly gives me chills.  There is shock and disbelief and the scene wouldn’t have worked without it.
  • Then the action starts again and you can see the grief and anger Wonder Woman is feeling.  I like how her tears mix with the rain.  It was a nice artistic touch.
  • The music here is effective as well.  It helps to really sell the scene.
  • I’d like to think that Hippoltya was there to not only comfort her daughter but serve as a representative for Paradise Island.
  • It also occurs to me that an easy way to remember how to spell “Hippolyta” is to break it up into “hippo” and “lyta”.  Weird.
  • I liked seeing Hawkgirl out in the middle of nowhere grieving.  It seems like something she would do.
  • Batman is so awesomely Batman here.  He doesn’t believe that Superman is dead for a minute.  That is so like Bruce.
  • “So, unless the law of the conservation of mass has been repealed,” is one of the best quotes from the episode.
  • Bibbo is at the funeral.  Blink and you will miss him.
  • I like the fact that not only are Alfred and Tim Drake at the funeral but also the Kents and Supergirl (sitting with Barbara Gordon).  At the same time I have to wonder if someone spotted them and thought, “What in the hell are they doing here?’
  • It was great to have Dana Delany back as Lois.
  • At the same time the exchange between Lois and Lex reminds me of the Saturday Night Live sketch.
  • Though I do wonder if Lex would try to turn Lois’ grief to his own advantage, if you know what I mean.
  • J’onn’s eulogy is excellent as is the music playing underneath it.
  • I loved the audience reaction shots mainly because it shows all of the heroes and supporting characters that Superman has interacted with over the years.  Ending with Lois, Jimmy and Perry was a nice touch.
  • The funeral procession scene echoed the version done in the comics nicely.
  • Pay close attention to the crowd at around the 6:45 mark.  There is an African-American woman and boy standing on the street watching the casket go by.  I would put good money on that being Myra and Keith from Superman: The Man of Steel.
  • The monument here is not as cool as the one from the comics.  Just sayin’.

The rest of this episode and all of the next one is just as awesome as what you just watched.  I cannot recommend it enough.

Next time: More Death of Superman/Doomsday related videos.  Just because they are fun to share.

More to follow…

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  1. Alex MG says:

    Ok, Mike, nice touch. But the girl sitting with the Kents and kara is really Lana Lang. In S:TAS, the knew Clark’s secret.

  2. That would make more sense.

    Is it my fault that the animated Lana and Barbara look alike?

  3. Donovan Grant says:

    I think Babs in the DCAU had less bangs in her hair as Lana did.

  4. Christopher J. Warden says:

    I beleive Lana was sitting behind the heroes.

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