Another day, another video. This newscast was from Orange County but I have no idea what state Orange County is in.  It was on YouTube though and was one of the few videos I could find so here you go.

Bullet points!

  • I can’t tell if the reporter at the comic shop is being serious or not.  She looks like she is trying not to laugh.
  • The manager of the comic shop is wearing a tie.  I suddenly don’t trust him.
  • Superman #75 wasn’t double sized, but whatever.
  • That Jon Allen guy has serious nineties hair.
  • Did they really just misspell Lois Lane or was that done on purpose.
  • That Shirley Bates woman looks like she would kick your ass if you argued with her.
  • Hey, a Batman cosplayer.  Neat.
  • I wonder how much it cost to rent the coffin.

Well that was fun.  Not earth shaking but it was neat to find.  It goes to show that even television news was covering this event and while it was probably considered a puff piece it the news director obviously thought it was worth reporting on.

Next time: Something a little different.

More to follow…

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  1. Tom Panarese says:

    There are several Orange Counties, but a quick Google on OCN turns up Orange County, California, the LA suburb. Or … “The OC”

  2. John says:

    Another hint is the “Lake Forest” graphic. That places it firmly in California.

  3. I thought it might be California but I was pressed for time when I was posting this. Thanks, guys!

  4. Christopher J. Warden says:

    Never trust a guy with a tie in a comic shop!

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