For those coming in late, Direct Currents was a cool, free giveaway that DC used to send to comic shops to promote their books.  They usually had short articles pimping whatever DC felt was going to be their hot thing that month as well as release dates and solicitation information for all their books.  I love these things as artifacts of my person Golden Age of collecting.  I even have a whole section of this site devoted to the more Superman centric editions of Direct Currents and you can see that section by clicking on this link.

Zero Month was the focus of issue 79 of Direct Currents and one of the more amusing things about about it was the Cover of the Month thing on the first page.  Usually it highlights whatever cover the people putting Direct Currents thought was the best around and nothing was ever going to keep it down.  In this edition they declared that all of the covers win the Cover of the Month thing, which is amusing.  Superman got some decent real estate as well, though I would have preferred that either the Superman: The Man of Steel or the Superman cover to be blown up like the Action Comics one, but they all look good so it’s not a huge deal.


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