In December of 1992 DC released the second issue of Who’s Who in the DC Universe Update ’93 #2.  Until a few years ago I didn’t even know that that there was a Who’s Who in the DC Universe Update ’93 series at all, which was a face palm worthy moment.  It goes to show how much I wasn’t paying attention to comics around this time period.  Sure I went to the shop on a fairly regular basis and I would buy Comics Scene Magazine but my ear was far from the ground when it came to new series and such.  So I missed out on the follow-up to my favorite version of Who’s Who (the loose leaf edition, for those not in the know) when it was published and have it only because a certain online auction site exists.

When the copies I won off of eBay finally arrived in the mail I was pleased to discover that the Superman side of the DCU had a nice presence over the two issues.  In the first installment there were entries for Agent Liberty, Cerberus, Lord Satanus and Mister Z.  In the second issue you had entries for the Atomic Skull, Lex Luthor II, the Linear Men…

and Doomsday!

This is a seriously awesome picture of Doomsday.  I like the fact that he is busting through a wall like the Superman Aurora kit box art from the sixties.  I also like the fact that he is still wearing the majority of the restraints we first saw him in.  I always preferred that look to the bare chested, shorts and boots wearing Doomsday we saw towards the end of the storyline.

And apparently Doomsday has nipples.  Good to know.  Weird, but good to know.

So the obvious question is how in the heck do you write a Who’s Who entry for a character that has only been around for a few months and was not given an origin before he died fighting Superman?

The answer; lots of empty space.

I am guessing they included an entry for Doomsday because the Death of Superman ended up becoming such a media event.  Maybe they thought including Doomsday would sell a few extra copies of the second issue.  Maybe this was the plan all along.  No matter the reason that is a lot of blank space for a Who’s Who entry.

Oh well.  I am glad they decided to give Doomsday his own entry.  It is neat to have.

Next time: A breakdown of the Comics Values Monthly Superman Memorial Issue.

More to follow…

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  1. Awesome!

    It really does look like the old Aurora box art.
    And the nipples? You’d think that 250 million years of genetic engineering (or however long) would remove such useless bits of flesh. Unless…they were planning on the old Godzilla trick – where Doomsday is the mother of another Doomsday Jr. The nipples are the clue to DC’s original plans for the character! Call Bleeding Cool!!

  2. Dan North says:

    When I reread the Doomsday story I was checking to see if Doomsday had nipples. He only had them in Superman #74 for future reference.

  3. MattComix says:

    Tom Grummett is one of the most under-rated comicbook artists of all time.

  4. Christopher J. Warden says:

    Advance genetic engineering and the poor bastard still had male pattern baldness, maybe that’s why he was so pissed off.

  5. Hi, Michael! I have been a fan of your blog and FCTC for years now. I think the Death and Return of Superman storyline first made me realize that the words were just as the pictures. It continues to inform how I see Superman now. I am glad that you covering it which such detail.

    If you decide to post newspaper articles about the Reign of the Supermen as well, I have some scans you might be interested in. I will e-mail those to you. Keep up the great work!


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