Here is the first in a series (hopefully) of posts where I showcase some of my favorite Superman covers.  A lot of fantastic covers have graced the various Superman books over the years and DC even put out a book of them back in 2006 titled Superman: Cover to Cover, which I think is one of those few “must haves” for fans of the Man of Steel.

McGuinness Cover

When Jeph Loeb began writing Superman full time in 1999 he quickly became my favorite of the new regime that came in with editor Eddie Berganza.  Ed McGuinness, on the other hand, took some getting used to.  I can’t for the life of me remember what my problem was with Ed’s art, but that turned around pretty quick.  Jeph and Ed are one of best teams to work on Superman and this issue, Superman (Vol. 2) #155 (April 2000), was where Superman and Superboy first really connected and where Conner started becoming more of a part of the Kent family.  During the “Hyper-Tension” storyline that ran through Superboy’s title the previous year Conner re-encountered a more Silver Age version of himself and found out that the Superboy he hung with was also Clark Kent.  Loeb played around with that in this issue to good effect and made it one of my favorite of his and Ed’s tenure.  This cover embodies all of that in one striking image.

And I dig it.

More to follow…

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  1. This may not be one of the most iconic images, but I love this Bronze Age cover. Probably because it was one of the first Superman comics I owned.

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