Episode 128: The Legacy of Superman

Welcome to the one hundred and twenty-eighth episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast!  This podcast has a simple premise; examine just about every Superman comic published between Man of Steel #1 in 1986 to Adventures of Superman #649 in 2006 in an informative and hopefully entertaining format.

Part index.  Part commentary.  Part history lesson.  All podcast.

So you may have noticed that From Crisis to Crisis hasn’t been around for a few weeks.  Mike would like to apologize for that.  Real life has once again reared its ugly head and getting episodes out has been more problematic than usual. This isn’t something either of the boys planned but that is how real life works sometimes.  Because of this Mike and Jeff have decided to take another two week break to get everything sorted out so they can come back strong and finish the epic Death and Return of Superman storyline.

In a weird way it is kind of fitting when you think about it.  The Superman books took about three months off after Superman #77 and now Mike and Jeff have taken about that much time off episode wise.  They joked about doing so and now it has turned into a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Strange.

Anyway this week Mike and Jeff begin the show with a rather lively discussion of the Max Landis Death of Superman parody video which both men…hated.  The original plan was to cover the broad strokes and move on but apparently Mike had more to say than he thought he did, as usual.  After that they cover The Legacy of Superman, an anthology special containing stories about the Guardian, Rose and Thorn, Gangbuster, Sinbad and Waverider and how those characters are dealing with the death of Superman.  Quick heads up about Gangbuster; he’s not taking it well.  This is followed by a brief look at The Superman Gallery, a special filled with Superman covers from the forties until the nineties.  The boys finish things off this week by looking at what else was going on in the DCU around this time.

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Next time: In two weeks Jeff and Mike will cover the Supergirl and Team Luthor one shot along with the Newstime magazine special!  See you then!

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