Well, that one slipped by me.

For the past few years it has become my habit to pay for the next year’s worth of server space over at Lunar Pages in middle to late February.  Technically the deadline is March 6th because on March 6th, 2008 I set up my account and started down the road of being a webmaster, to use a term that nobody uses anymore.  A few weeks after that on March 18th I made my very first post which was basically me saying, “Hey, I’m here and I am going to talk about Superman.  Enjoy.”  Nothing special but I wanted to get the ball rolling.

I did the math on that and realized that was five years ago.

Again this shouldn’t surprise me but for some reason it does.  I have not spent the last five years blogging every single day and I certainly went back and forth on what I wanted the subject matter for this blog to be.  To quote Dennis Miller I have the attention span of a ferret on a double espresso so there were times when I was like, “Oh, Marvel!” or “Oh, comics in general!” much like the dog in the movie Up when he would see a squirrel if I am allowed to make two pop culture references in one sentence.  For well over a year now I have been able to keep things Superman-centric and frankly I don’t see that changing any time soon.


Because…well, at the risk of sounding self-important I’ve gone on something of a journey over the past five years.  I am not the fan I was back in 2008. Looking back now I realize that I went through something akin to the Five Stages of Grief with comics and 2008 and 2009 and 2010 and probably part of 2011 actually were all well within my angry phase, which thankfully has passed.  Sure I can still get riled up but I am well within the confines of acceptance at this point and am rather happy to be here.  So I don’t feel the need to “see other people” as it were and to stick to being a DC and more importantly Superman fan.

The funny thing to me is that within the past few months I am finally doing what I always wanted to do with this blog in the first place.  I had these lofty goals at first that I would put together lists of trade paperbacks and scan the Who’s Who entries and talk about what I love about Superman and now I am actually doing that.  It helps that the WordPress software I use to run this place has come along so much in the past five years.  The sidebar stuff you see now was much more difficult back in the day and the fact that I have cracked the code, so to speak, on the background and can do custom headers without going into the HTML is quite useful.

All of that is to say that while I still have a long way to go (though I don’t have a short time to get there, thankfully) I am feeling a lot more comfortable as a blogger.  The fact that I have been able to (with one or two exceptions) maintain a Monday through Friday routine and actually do more than just post pictures of Superman over the past six months makes me very happy.  Things are about to get a lot more complicated in the next few months but once I am through all of that I might be able to do more with this blog than I have been.  We’ll see how that goes.

To those of you that have followed the blog for years I want to say, “Thanks.”  It means a lot to me that people bother to read my ramblings.  Hopefully you are getting something out of this.  I sure am having fun posting all of this stuff.

As I used to say…more to follow…

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