Mike and Rachel vs Marvel Phase 3 Part 2 – Doctor Strange

Welcome to the second installment of a Fortress of Baileytude Showcase Presents mini-series… Mike and Rachel vs Marvel Phase 3!  For the next six days you’ll be getting a new episode where Mike and his wife Rachel watch one of the Marvel Phase 3 films and then talk/argue about them.  This is all a part of the Fortress’ desire to catch a few new listeners based on the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War.

Because coat tails were meant for riding.

This time out Mike and Rachel talk about Doctor Strange, which they loved but had one or two problems with.  Most of these problems have to do with the first act but overall it’s a pretty positive discussion where Mike talks about how he sees this film in the context of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and Rachel proves that, for her, with great power comes the ability to mess with the neighbors that make her mad.

She probably wouldn’t abuse such powers.  Much.

Mike also goes into how the Marvel films have given refuge to actors from other, bad comic book films and the secret plot of the movie Spotlight.

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Next Time: Grab your mix tape because Mike and Rachel are going to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

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