A few days ago I posted the cover and table of contents to Amazing Heroes #91.  You can see it again (or for the first time) by clicking on this link.  I’ve been reading through the issue over the last couple of days and it inspired me to dig out two other fanzines I have in the “archives” relating to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This issue of Amazing Heroes came out a year before the one I posted the other day.  I have had this book since at least 1999.  If memory serves I found this one at another one day show on the north side of Atlanta.  Odd that, considering where I found the other Crisis related issue.  Anyway this issue has a preview of Crisis rather than the post-game wrap up that the one I am going through now has.  I plan on cracking this bad boy open once I am done with issue 91.  That may be a little backwards but sometimes things work out that way.

Another Perez cover, though it is not Crisis related.  This one is the box art for the first edition of the DC Heroes role-playing game put out by Mayfair Games.  I love this image.  It is a perfect representation of DC in the mid-’80s.  The Teen Titans and their villains are well-represented, John Stewart is Green Lantern, Brainiac is in his robotic form and piloting his skull ship and there is even some Super Powers action going on with the Joker wielding a giant mallet.

This image contains just about everything I love about DC Comics…both in the eighties and in general.

If my memory isn’t failing the Crisis interview is pretty cool as is the article about the DC Heroes game.  Where my memory does fail me is where I got this issue.  It could have been another random comic convention/show find or it could have been in the giant pile of Amazing Heroes, Comics Interview and other assorted fanzines that my former comic dealer Chuck Sheffey just gave me out of the blue one day in 1997.  No matter where the magazine came from I am pretty darn happy to have it.

Oh, if anyone out there knows of other issues of Amazing Heroes or Comics Interview or any other fanzine of the eighties that featured stories about Crisis on Infinite Earths let me know.  I am trying to gather all of the articles and such that I can.  Just e-mail me at [email protected].

More to follow…

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  1. Love that “Comics Interview” cover. Add in Lex Luthor in his power armor and the Flash and it might have been a contender for the ultimate DC cover.

  2. Tom Panarese says:

    Love that Comics Interview cover as well. Perez drew such a great 1980s Batman.

  3. Michael Bailey says:

    I like Perez’s ’80s Batman as well. There were very few characters he couldn’t draw. I am a bit surprised though. I figured you would have wanted more Titans on the cover.

  4. Michael Bailey says:


  5. Tom Panarese says:

    It would have been cool to see Wonder Girl, but I barely noticed that not every Titan was on the cover b/c Superman and Batman looked so good.

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