Superman’s 50th Anniversary was a big deal.  I’m not writing that because I’m a fan of the character and constantly have my rose tinted contacts in.  DC and Warner Bros. went all out in celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the Man of Steel.

I mean there was a network television special that aired on February 29, 1988.  It’s not all that good but that’s significant.

The party went all the way to Washington D.C.  The National Museum of American History, part of the Smithsonian Institution, had a year long exhibit called Superman: Many Live Many Worlds.  Two of my mother’s sisters lived in reasonable driving distance of D.C. so my family made frequent trips to the Smithsonian and one of those trips fell during the Superman exhibit.  I posted pictures sent to me by Alan Leach, Jr.  from the exhibit back in 2012 so be sure to click on this link to check those out.  Today I’m sharing a recent acquisition that I found on eBay.  The following scans are of the front and back to the postcard you could get at the exhibit.  It’s not the most spectacular looking postcard but I thought it was neat.  I am fairly sure I grabbed one of these back in 1987 but that one is lost to the ages.  Now I have another one and I think it is a fun addition to the Fortress Archives.

Enjoy the scans!

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  1. Is the art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez? Looks like the style guide, but the face is a little different than his Superman.

  2. It is either JLGL (PBHN) or they had someone trace or redraw the style guide image.

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