Not much of a week to round up, actually.  I have been on vacation and therefore I haven’t done a whole heck of a lot.  This is the first week in over a month that I haven’t posted something everyday, so it was nice to take a few days off to just do nothing.

The Comics

This is one of those books that falls under Obligation as far as why I bought it.  Not only is it a Superman book, which I just have to buy, but I am reviewing it for the Superman Homepage.  In either case it wasn’t that bad.  Not all that good, but I gave it a pretty decent review.

While this doesn’t pick up where Superman #681 left off it was a nice addendum to Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #1.  I enjoyed this and have made peace with the fact that Robinson has changed Cadmus and Guardian for a new generation of readers.  The writing is good, so I deal.


I still haven’t caught up with this series, but I had to post this cover because of Black Adam.

I am all about some Black Adam.

Other books this week included:

  • Justice Society of America #20
  • Tangent: Superman’s Reign #8
  • Final Crisis #4
  • Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lantern
  • Final Crisis: Resist
  • Final Crisis: Submit

Finally picked up the Final Crisis that have been sitting in my box this week.  Haven’t read them yet.  I look at it like drinking Alka-Seltzer; I have to work up the nerve to do so.  I mean have you ever had to consume Alka-Seltzer?  It is pretty nasty.  I don’t think the various Final Crisis books will be that bad, but it seemed like a good comparison to make.  Good week, though.  I wonder how much money I will save when the whole Final Crisis thing is over.

I am probably not going to get into the next big event unless it is more connected to the books I read.  That will be an interesting evolution in my collecting.

Stuff I Did Elsewhere

First up I released not one but two episodes of Views From The Longbox this week.  To coincide with the recent Presidential election in the United States I teamed up with my good friend Big Honkin’ Steve to talk about the rise and eventual fall of Lex Luthor as President.  You can find those episodes HERE and HERE.  Check out the links on those posts to check out Steve’s other podcasts and blogs and such.

I did two reviews this week for the Superman Homepage.

Click on the covers to go to the reviews.  I was much kinder to Justice League of America than I was to Superman/Batman.

The Zero to Infinite Project

Is on hold for the moment.  I am going to be honest with you; I have zero attention span.  Dennis Miller once described something or someone as having the attention span of a ferret on a double Espresso and frankly he could have been talking about me.  It has gotten really bad in the past few years when it comes to my comic reading.  I get all excited about reading something and then a few months later I see something else that is shiny and go to read that.  It’s almost like I enjoy pulling the comics and looking through my collection than actually reading the books.  I haven’t put the books away.  Not yet, but frankly something else has caught my eye that may lead to something or may lead to nothing.

I need to work on the attention span thing.  I really do.

Podcasts and Blogs and Sites, Oh My

Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics: This is a fantastic resource site for DC fans.  I cannot tell you how happy I was to stumble upon this site a few years back.  There are indexes and cover galleries and a guide to trade paperbacks and so on.  If you have Microsoft Excel you can download a master list of DC books going all the way back to the Golden Age with release dates even.  If you are as much of a reference junkie as I am then definitely bookmark this site.  I have used it on many an occasion.

Comics Bulletin: Back in 2005/2006 I wrote reviews for a site called Silver Bullet Comic Books.  I seriously burned myself out on that gig by writing a couple hundred reviews in an eighteen month period but I never stopped loving the site.  They changed their name to Comics Bulletin some time back but it is still an awesome comic book related site.  It has reviews and columns, including one by a man I have a great deal of respect for; Beau Smith.  This is a fantastic site and should be one of your daily stops while surfing the tubes.

Bat-Blog: A great daily blog dedicated to the Dark Knight.  Tommy talks about all things related to Batman and posts videos and generally entertains the heck out of me on a daily basis.  He also runs contests from time to time, which is mighty cool.  If you are even a transient Batman fan than this blog should be in your bookmarks.

Collected Comics Library: This is another one of those blogs that has a podcast attached to it.  Or maybe it is a podcast with a blog attached to it.  In either case not only does host Chris Marshall give you the skinny on what is coming up and coming out as far as trades and hardcovers each week but he also has a feature that gives you the rundown on a particular subject, character, title, etc.  I love this show.  Love it to pieces.  Someday I have to get Chris to come on Views From The Longbox, but that might be difficult to do since he is such a busy guy.

The Wrap Up

I don’t have anything dramatic planned for this week here at the Fortress but there is some fun stuff coming up.  I am kicking around ideas for the next series of posts and am leaning towards a Top Ten All Time Favorite Super-Heroes, but I have no clue when I would start that.  Still, I will get back on track as far as regular posting this week and I hope you enjoy it.

I do ask that if you like or even if you dislike what you read to use the comments feature.  I do read them and want this to be more of a back and forth between you and I.

As always…

More to follow…

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2 Responses to FORTRESS SUNDAY ROUND UP- 11/09/2008

  1. Busy? Not at all, Michael.
    I just make it look like I’m busy. LOL
    Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Feel free to connect with me.

  2. Beau Smith says:

    Thank you for the words of iron, amigo. I hope more folks do stop by Comics Bulletin. I believe it
    s the most fun and underrated pop culture news sites online.

    Stay outta trouble,

    Beau Smith

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