Episode 45: “August 1989”

Mike and Jeff discuss the From Crisis to Crisis books that came out with an August 1989 cover date.

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Seriously, let us know what you think.

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  1. Howdy Jeff and Michael,

    Regarding podcast #45, I listened to it today and my first thought was, “Um, that’s the Batman theme,” and I was wondering why you would play that. The podcast was brilliant my friends, from the comments about “I don’t want to spoil anything as that’s our policy but Jason Todd comes back from the dead,” to the detailed level of analysis, to the realization that um, you don’t talk much about the Batman movie at all. What surprised me was that I thought that any time one of you might bust up laughing. But you didn’t. I figured it was an April Fool’s early on but was surprised how dedicated you were to actually doing the full podcast. I am VERY impressed and you should be proud.

    Some things you missed though:

    Makalaka’s first appearance was years earlier, in “Untold unwanted Batman stories #3, 1967.”

    Makalaka and Doomsday looked so much alike because they were brothers. HELLO, did either of you bother to read the 12 issue “Day of Makalaka?” maxi series?

    The guy taking pictures of the mob meetings would play a critical role in restoring Batman after the Bane saga, surprised you didn’t mention that. Nor did you mention that it was Adam West.

    You really should review an ‘Archie” comic in the same manner, my God, that would be hilarious: “On page three, Jughead has a hamburger and consoles Archie after Veronica broke his heart. I just love the cover, etc…”

    I missed the 1989 “elsewhere in the world” section, after all, “Star Trek V,” William Shatner’s masterpiece, came out the same month as Batman and immediately killed the Batman box-office receipts at the box office.

    Finally, it was obvious this was an April Fool because the two of you agreed far too much, and not once, not once, did either of you say, “I hate you,” or “You suck, no you suck.”

    GREAT job, guys. As always. Keep those batarangs hurling.

    Robert Gillis

  2. Jesse Garrett says:

    ^ What he said. lol

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