Episode 61: September 1990

Welcome to the sixty-first episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast! This podcast has a simple premise; examine just about every Superman comic published between Man of Steel #1 in 1986 to Adventures of Superman #649 in 2006 in an informative and hopefully entertaining format.

Part index. Part commentary. Part history lesson. All podcast.

After another week long hiatus the boys are back with more Superman goodness. This time out Mike and Jeff take a look at the Superman books with the September 1990 cover date. Soul Search continues in Superman #47 where Superman faces off against an old enemy and Gangbuster enters the fray. Adventures of Superman #470 has the last chapter of Soul Search and a supporting cast member that has been with the book since the beginning of the revamp loses his life. The Toyman returns in Action Comics #657 and we learn what happened to Schott after the events of Superman #13. Finally there’s Superboy: The Comic Book #8, which is a Bizarro story.

It’s a silly Bizarro story but it is a Bizarro story nonetheless.

You get all of that and the usual Elsewhere in the DCU and Elsewhere, Elsewhere features.

And now…onto the scans for the week!

First up is something we will rarely do.  Usually this space is reserved for the best single pages or images from the issues we cover but this time out we have the last four pages from this week’s issue of Adventures of Superman simply because they are so powerful both together and on their own.  First up is page 19 which has a scene that caused quite a bit of debate between Jeff and Mike.

The next two pages (20-21) work on two levels.  What little dialogue there is on the pages is very effective, but the images without dialogue are just as if not a little more powerful, especially the scene with Clark and the Whites.  Then again the Luthor scene is pretty good too.

Finally, an ad for the next storyline…The Sinbad Contract.  Sorry that the quality is a little dodgy but Mike is scanning this from a twenty year old comic printed on the cheapest paper available at the time.

Next Week: Batman and Superman team up in the World’s Finest mini-series.

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Seriously, let us know what you think.

More to follow…

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  1. Tom says:

    I forgot the “reaction shots” when Superman busted out of hell. And I think that’s one of the last appearances of “white” Raven and Titans Tower in a non-Titans comic, because in September 1990, New Titans #71 would come out and start the Titans Hunt storyline and Raven would wind up dead and the Tower destroyed.

    Btw, Raven got the white costume around 1986 or 87. It was the result of a Brother Blood storyline that ran way too long.

  2. Michael Bradley (omike015) says:

    Anther great episode, guys.

    Happyland Amusement Park was from Jack Kirby’s THE FOREVER PEOPLE #3 through #6 (or maybe #4 through, I don’t have the Omnibuses in front of me). Short story, it served as a front for Desaad’s torture houses on Earth. It was destroyed by the Forever People and Sonny Sumo.

    The Happyland Amusement Park Park of the radio show (July 8, 1940, to July 19, 1940; episodes 64 to 69) was just a normal amusement park owned by Nancy Bardette. “Midway” Martin tries to pressure her into selling the park. After she refuses, a series of freak accidents begin to happen (animals getting loose, runaway rides, etc.). Clark (and Superman!) eventually get involved, naturally.

    I have no idea if Kirby lifted the name from the serial or not.

    Another small note… the Bandai ad wasn’t for a game, but minted coins. They were brass coins with the likeness of a player on the front and stats and other information on the back. Like baseball cards… but coins. Still, again, another good episode, guys!

  3. Jeffrey Taylor says:

    @Michael Bradley (omike015)

    Thanks dude. I’ve got your comment in the show notes for next episode, or possibly after World’s Finest.

  4. Charlie says:

    I do have to ask, did no one notice that the robot “toy” in the first panel on page 10 of the Action issue is one of the robots from the first Fleischer Superman short?

    Also, the dog creature was Bizarro’s 2nd and 3rd episodes (Mxyzptlk was in Bizarro’s 3rd episode).

    Thanks for the great episode. Looking forward to the World’s Finest episodes.

  5. Good episode. A bit of trivia regarding the Lois & Clark cliffhanger you guys briefly mentioned. They actually shot three endings to that episode. One was the piece that aired the following fall (“Who’s asking… Clark or Superman?”); One was Lois saying “yes” and one was her saying “Clark…” They didn’t want anyone to be able to leak the ending ahead of time.

    Also, if you guys are fans of Nightmare on Elm Street, you MUST Netflix “Never Sleep Again.” It’s a four hour documentary that covers the making of every one of the NIGHTMARE films through FREDDY VS. JASON.

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