Episode 64: World’s Finest 1990

Welcome to the sixty-fourth episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast! This podcast has a simple premise; examine just about every Superman comic published between Man of Steel #1 in 1986 to Adventures of Superman #649 in 2006 in an informative and hopefully entertaining format.

Part index. Part commentary. Part history lesson. All podcast.

This time out Mike and Jeff finally get around to covering the World’s Finest mini-series from 1990 and the final result is…well, the final result is a bit more casual than the usual episode of this show. Sure they talk about the story and the art and the whole Batman and Superman trading cities thing. They also discuss why they really didn’t like the series all that much. In between all of that, though, they go on a number of digressions that go all over the map and generally have more fun than should be allowed.

During the episode Mike and Jeff discuss the back covers to this series.  Here they are.  Sorry there isn’t more in the way of scans this time out but Prestige Format books are hard to flatten without pretty much destroying the book.

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Next Week: The Sinbad Contract. Jeff and Mike have a lot of good things to say about this one.


  1. I may be alone here, but I didn’t think the series was as bad as you guys seem to feel it was. It leans heavily on the art, rather than dialogue, to carry a lot of the story. One instance of this is the “doll crushing” scene from issue one. Another is the “gift exchange” from issue two. (I love Rude’s work on the latter… the body language between the two — Bruce’s uncomfortableness at the gift and Clark’s awkwardness when he realizes it — is excellently done.)

    (One flaw in a straight side-by-side comparison of this with “Dark Knight Over Metropolis” is that “DKoM” was written to serve a very specific purpose and fit at a very specific place swithin the monthly books. For those of us who are continuity hounds, that’s a huge strength. Yes, it can stand alone… but taking away the context of the month-to-month continuity, it isn’t as strong, either.)

    Also, I’ve talked about this elsewhere at length so I won’t go into it much, but Superman does not have a weak rogues gallery. I’ll admit, his rogues gallery is not as ICONIC as Batman, Spider-Man or even The Flash, but it’s by no means lacking in perfectly respectable villains.

    But, anyway… another good episode, guys. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode, guys. But more, I’m looking forward to getting past it and on to what comes after! 😀

  2. Oh, and one more thing… 😉 A confidant can refer to a male OR female. However, if you want to be absolutely strict grammar-wise, confidant should usually refer to male, where confidante would refer to a female. Both are pronounced the same.

  3. Another great podcast, guys. I remember reading this story at the age of ten and being amazed that I didn’t like it as much as I thought I was supposed to. I haven’t really revisited it much since then, so it’s interesting to see that your more mature perspective – some 20 years later – is more or less in line with what I thought at the time.

    Joker being untouchable never made sense to me (I remember maybe rationalizing it as part of his diplomatic immunity from “Death in the Family”), and I totally remember thinking that neither he nor Luthor sounded “right.” Glad to see it bugged you too.

    The other thing I remember about this series were the really long delays between parts. It was supposed to be a monthly release schedule. Yet the first issue came out in June (I think), the second issue was delayed until either the last week of August or the first week of September, and then the third issue didn’t show up until December. (I think the dates you guys mention are the original scheduled date, not the actual release date because I can attest that Issue 3 totally wasn’t out anywhere NEAR August 21, 1990)

    Are you guys going to eventually cover the “Legends of the World’s Finest” prestige series from a few years later. As I recall it was also underwhelming. I think the problems with these series tend to be that they bring in writers who aren’t working on the “in continuity” versions of those characters, hence the disconnect from the regular titles’ tones.

  4. I haven’t read it in a while, but I love this series. Rude’s artwork is fantastic, and I like the comparisons and contrasts between Superman and Batman. The only thing that bugged me were when they tried to give both Batman and Superman a nightmare (I just don’t see Superman having nightmares about Krypton exploding) and giving both Batman and Superman someone to talk to, where Gordon totally works because he and Batman talk all the time, while White doesn’t really work because I’ve never really seen him as Superman’s confidant before. The ending is also a bit weird in that Batman lets the Joker get away with nothing more than a flamed butt. Okay maybe this series isn’t all that good. Maybe I shouldn’t read it again.

  5. Hi guys,

    Great to have the podcasts back after the breaks – here are some comments and things in no particular order again on episodes 63 and 64.

    1- Episode 63 – I enjoyed your interview with Dan Jurgins tremendously. Your podcast continues to present us with so much more than just reviews of the comics. Dan seems like a terrific guy and seemed so nice to talk to – I felt he really wanted to be there talking to you, and was so approachable and open. He has such a good memory – and obviously fond memory — of his time on the books. I liked his candor about how he didn’t like the protoplasm-blob concept for Supergirl, and also his in-depth discussion of how the story-telling to comics page progress works. And finally… the real story about $6.50! Fascinating stuff! Great interview, Guys, well done.

    2- Episode 64: My compliments on continuing your mandate of covering all the Superman comics, even those such as the Worlds Finest in 64 that obviously sucked. Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! guys did a fair job reviewing these lesser books and your segues into other topics got really funny after a while. Bottom line, as a doomed elder once said, “An unpleasant task has been masterfully performed.”

    3- Your podcasts continue to sound more professional. You’ve both clearly found what works and what doesn’t. Aside from the occasional gunplay, (er, car backfiring) they are well done!

    4- Superman Returns came up in 64 – Guys, we know your feelings about the film – let me ask you this – in broad terms, what do you guys want to see in the new film, and what do you not to see? In other words, in 2012, just before the world ends in December, you’re leaving the theater after seeing the new film and you say, “That is exactly what we wanted to see.” What does the film have to be to make you say that?

    5- We know one of you works in the comic store, what does the other do?

    6- I miss Happy Clown EMP. I know I am the sole citizen on planet Earth who feels that way. My therapists assure me it’s Ok and I should just continue to drink more berry juice.

    7- Way off topic but what do you want to see before season 10 of Smallville ends?

    8- Guys, as always, the humor, the dedication, the professionalism, the berry juice, it’s all there. Well done, friends, well done. Don’t worry about needing the occasional break. As I am in my mid-40s I assure you life will keep intruding. What you’re doing is unpaid and takes up a lot of time and your wives seem understanding – we fans will miss you that week but we understand. Just keep doing what you do.

    Robert Gillis

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