Episode 77: July 1991 Part 2

Welcome to the seventy-seventh episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast! This podcast has a simple premise; examine just about every Superman comic published between Man of Steel #1 in 1986 to Adventures of Superman #649 in 2006 in an informative and hopefully entertaining format.

Part index. Part commentary. Part history lesson. All podcast.

A new format and a new monthly Superman title kick off this week!

Yes indeed, dear listeners, the kind of new, not so different era of From Crisis to Crisis begins this week as Mike and Jeffrey start to split the cover dates into two parts. So one week you’ll get Superman: The Man of Steel and Superman and the next you’ll get Adventures of Superman and Action Comics. This week the boys kick off with the previously mentioned Superman: The Man of Steel which in turn kicks off a story that Mike and Jeffrey call Return of the Krypton Man even though it isn’t officially called that in the titles. In that first issue of Superman: The Man of Steel strange happenings are afoot in Metropolis and an old threat comes back to face the Man of Steel. In Superman #57 the threat stands revealed and in a great cliffhanger ending Superman gets a little of his own throwing things into the sun medicine. Then Jeff and Mike discuss a few episodes of Adventures of Superman and Jeffrey gives you the skinny on what was happening (or in this case not happening) elsewhere in the world while these issues were on the stands.

And now…the return of the scans!

Ok, so this isn’t a scan.  It is actually a photo of the poster Mike has hanging in his temporary Fortress and he is damn happy to have it.

Jonathan does not look calm at all in that panel.  He’s lying to Martha about everything being ok.  He’s a dirty, dirty liar.

The shading on Jonathan in that middle panel is amazing.  Mike is a fan of this scene in general but the art is so strong and brings home the fact that Perry and Alice are having serious problems.

Even though Lois interupts Whit she still isn’t as big of a d-bag as Foswell is in this scene.

This is a solid Lois and Clark scene.  They are working together and obviously in love.  Lois has…how to say this delicately…a balcony you could do Shakespeare from.

Yeah, that’s all Mike wants to say about that.

A great shadowy Superman page.  McLeod does this better than anything.

Mike and Jeff really like this shot of Superman.  It is made of 100% awesome.

This is a solid cliffhanger page.  The Eradicator stands revealed and both he/it and Superman look fan-freaking-tastic.

One of the best recap pages ever.

The Whites meets the Kents.  Mike and Jeff love this.

Jimmy is so poppin’ fresh in this picture.  Rarely has a comic book so accurately depicted what the hip youth is wearing as Jon Bogdanove did on this page.

Mike really liked the coloring and shading on this page.  It really emphasized the trouble Metropolis was in after the death of Lex Luthor.

I think the best way to sum up Superman’s mood at the top of this page is that he has had enough of the Eradicator’s s***.

Another great cliffhanger ending.  Also Superman gets a little taste of his own throwing stuff in the sun medicine.

There were three ads this week that deserved particular attention.  This was the month that DC began hyping the Impact! line of comics.  Impact! was an imprint DC used to try and grab the younger audience that didn’t regular frequent the comic shops and did so by revamping and reimagining the stable of super-heroes owned by Archie Comics.  The result was a whole lot of awesome with a few missteps here and there.  Here are two of the ads for the titles and one for the subscription offer for all of the titles.

Next week: Part two of July 1991 as the boys look at Adventures of Superman #480 and Action Comics #667!

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Seriously, let us know what you think.

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  2. Steve says:

    Great pair of issues and a great ep. Nice to have you guys back

  3. Tom says:

    YAY! Great Big Sea!

    Another great episode, and I think the new format works well.

  4. Michael Bradley says:

    I got a smile out of the fact that a Bog/Janke page in both issues contained comic racks. Page 4 in SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL, where we see Titans, Doom Patrol, The Shadow and Superboy comics; and page 23 in SUPERMAN, where we see Batman and JSA. I dig that kind of thing.

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