Episode 82: September 1991 Part 2

Welcome to the eighty-second episode of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast! This podcast has a simple premise; examine just about every Superman comic published between Man of Steel #1 in 1986 to Adventures of Superman #649 in 2006 in an informative and hopefully entertaining format.

Part index. Part commentary. Part history lesson. All podcast.

This week Michael and Jeffrey conclude their look at the Superman books with the cover date September 1991. First up is Superman versus the Parasite; Round Two in Adventures of Superman #482. Then, in Action Comics #669 Superman teams up with the vigilante known as the Thorn to fight Intergang as the Lanes meet the Kents for the first time! Then there’s the Elsewhere in the DCU section, an e-mail is read and the boys make an announcement about a movement that you the listener can help make happen. What is that movement? Listen to the episode and find out!

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Seriously, let us know what you think.

Next week: October 1991 begins with Superman: The Man of Steel #4 and Superman #60.

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  1. Greetings Jeffrey and Michael, Boo and Statler, and enabling spouses,

    Re From Crisis to Crisis #82, as always a great podcast, with clever insight, good humor and Jeffrey leaving poor Boo to shiver in the cold while he disses Lois & Clark. Wait, that last part didn’t sound right. I’m sure Jeffrey had his reasons. But man, the constant meowing was heartbreaking.

    Guys, I really like your idea of a campaign to get the “Dark Knight over Metropolis” published as a TPB.

    Dark Night over Metropolis, for me, was some of the very best storytelling at the point in the post-Crisis Superman. I remember buying it when it came out and realizing just how different this DC universe was – and how much I liked the realism and different take on the characters.

    Once you have the email address I’ll send mine on to DC. You’re right about email content – it needs to be succinct, and POLITE. Very important. And of course, we’ll all mention FCTC.

    I was thinking a GREAT story to add to this collection (don’t know if was a Superman or Batman issue) was when Batman, Superman and Lois break into the White House (while Lex Luthor was the president) to steal the Kryptonite ring. There’s a whole cat-and-mouse thing where Batman and Superman try to evade security and find the kryptonite. This was an interesting book because the colors (the artwork) was only red, black and white.

    Also, I believe Alex Ross also did a short story in which Batman has to use the Kryptonite, but don’t know if DC has the right to reprint. (I think this was Alex Ross, ‘Mythology’

    I would also suggest that uou place a permanent link on Fortress of Baileytude about the campaign and display it prominently.

    Oh—almost forgot—it was pretty weird how much control the Lois & Clark producers / ABC had over the content of the Superbooks back in 1993 and onward. I recall a last minute change to season three prevented the wedding.

    What’s odd is that I believe this was the first time a movie or show affected the comics — when the first Superman movie came out, the comic book Superman was working as a news anchor for WGBS with Lana Lang. When the fourth Superman movie came out (shudder) we were one year into the Byrne revamp and Clark was still bumbling in the movies. Just thought I’d mention it. Will make for an interesting discussion when you get there

    Guys, as always, my sincere thanks for an excellent podcast. Also appreciate the promos for the other super-casts, I am checking them out as well.

    Robert Gillis

  2. Jeremy Kossak says:

    I’m another one that was introduced to Thorn in the Legacy one shot. Seeing where the character came from (as well as others from that comic) is fun. Characters like Thorn, Waverider, Gangbuster, the Guardian, etc. are what make this era stand out. Nothing against current comics but they do lack the character and drama that the FCTC comics have. Keep up the great work guys, I’m loving the new format!

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