And here we are…at the start of a bold, new era at the Fortress of Baileytude where I will covering the Electric Blue era of Superman from start to finish.

Just kidding.

Not that I won’t eventually be posting stuff from the latter half of the nineties.  In all honesty I am looking forward to covering the arc that ended with Superman Red/Superman Blue because I want to see if time has healed all wound with that story.  A lot has happened to Superman in the intervening years and I wonder how those events plus the general effects of me getting older and finding that my opinions on a given subject can change radically will shape how I feel about that era.  I mean I have gone through the Joe Kelly/Steven T. Seagle written issues followed by For Tomorrow followed by the general roller coaster ride that was the Post-Infinite Crisis time period which leads right into this whole New 52 business and I am curious if my general reaction will be, “Well what do you know?  That wasn’t so bad after all, was it?”

Weirder things have happened.

Oddly enough that sort of ties into what I want to discuss this time out, namely the direction I am taking the Fortress in for the near future. After going through about nine months of covering one era of Superman (though to be fair I took some healthy breaks there so it wasn’t like nine months of five day a week blogging) I am kind of excited to get back to having to actually find stuff to post about.  There is a certain spontaneity to that.  It’s a little nerve wracking at times because if you are going to do the previously mentioned five day a week blogging you have to find something, anything to post.  Sometimes the muse won’t shut up.  Sometimes she stares at you blankly as if to say, “What do you want from me?”  More often than not inspiration presents itself but there are days where you just post a cover and walk away.

The inspiration for today’s post came to me while I was listening to the always entertaining Fire and Water Podcast hosted by Rob Kelly of the Aquaman Shrine and the Irredeemable Shag of the Firestorm Fan Podcast.  I forget what the main conversation was about (and to be fair I could be misremebering the episode) but the talk turned to why Rob and Shag and others devote blogs to, for the most part, obscure and/or unappreciated characters.  At one point Rob mentioned that Superman was an example of a hero that was pretty well covered while characters like Aquaman and Firestorm and the Atom and Martian Manhunter and a host of others weren’t getting a whole lot of love.  At first I wanted to argue the point but then I realized that he was pretty much right.  On the face of it devoting a blog to Superman is kind of unnecessary.  Between the daily sites like the Superman Homepage and the podcasts that cover just about everything to do with the Man of Steel and the other blogs that are out there it would seem like the Last Son of Krypton is well represented on the web.

This begs the question; if Superman has so much real estate on what we used to call the information superhighway why would I continue to devote time, energy and bandwidth to talking about the character?  He’s good as far as that sort of thing goes, right?  Why not start an Iron Munro blog or finally get around to that Impact! Comics blog/podcast I’ve been dreaming of for the last few years?  For that matter what do I have to bring to the table to make this blog worth the reader’s time?  Why should someone come to my site every weekday to see what I have to offer?

The obvious answer to the, “Why do this blog in the first place?” question is, “Because I want to,”  but that seems a bit simple not to mention petulant.   I think I am capable of coming up with something that sounds a bit better than the answer a five year old gives when they want to stay up late.  So I did some thinking (insert “always a dangerous thing joke” here) and came to a few conclusions, some of which I had already reached.  I had long ago realized that I am not capable or interested in searching through every news/hype story that pops up about Superman and reporting on it here nor do I want to write reviews for the new Superman related comics the nano-second they outside of the ones I kick out for Action Comics over at the Superman Homepage.  Sure it would be fun to talk about that sort of thing from time to time but I am just not geared for that sort of blogging.  This brought me back to the question of why bother doing a Superman centric blog in the first place and suddenly the answer hit me.

Here’s a little known fact about Superman fans; we all like the character but if you put six of us in a room together I bet you good money that we all couldn’t come up with the same reason why.  Superman has been around for a long time and gone through a number of iterations both in the comics and beyond and because of that fact  he’s developed a lot of fans of those particular versions of the character.  While a comic book fan and a Superman: The Movie fan and a Smallville fan all like the Last Son of Krypton they will probably do so for very different reasons.  This, above all else, is why Superman can sustain a number of different websites, blogs and podcasts.  There is a lot of ground to cover.  It can be daunting, especially when a person has to decide what version or adaptation they want to tackle but by his very nature Superman begs for different people to cover the character from their own particular vantage point.

So that’s where we are at, folks.  The All Superman, All The Time coverage will continue.  Tying this blog in with From Crisis to Crisis and the Death and Return made me realize that I like talking about the Superman stuff in my own collection, so between that, the occasional review and the odd video or cover posting I should be set as far as content goes.  Plus there’s the 75th Anniversary next year and a full blown, four alarm movie coming up as well.  All in all the future of this blog looks pretty bright and I look forward to sharing a lot of Superman awesomeness with you in the weeks and months to come.

Unless of course the whole Mayan thing was right and we’re screwed come December 21st.

More to follow…hopefully…

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  1. Alejandro MG says:

    You game some wonderfull ideas Mike. Maybe is not late to give new life into my old dusted blog….. Good luck with all the new stuff.

  2. Robert L. Stubbs Jr. says:

    “Because I want to” isn’t really childish except in the best sort of way of this is what I am interested in doing. Children aren’t ashamed of pouring their entire focus into something that has captured their interest and sharing that focus with others. This is a hobby where you are sharing what you find interesting or trying to start a conversation to discover what other people think when you reveal what you think. It should always have some element of fun to you unless its your paying job where you are doing it to make money.

  3. mr maczaps says:

    hey, whats wrong with electric blue (or even Red) Superman?

    if you’ve been around since the late 70s/early 80s til now, theres been some pretty… different stories… they haven’t been bad, but not always so great either… although, Millennium Giants was a pretty bad way to do/end things…

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