GOOD-BYE, 2014…HELLO, 2015

Superman Christmas Card

Quick peak behind the curtain; I spent a good three hours working on a post that went through my thoughts on Superman in 2014.  Mostly it was about what I liked but I did touch on the things that left me cold during that year.  So there I was just typing and typing and typing and I got to that point where, honestly, I just didn’t care about what I was writing about anymore.  It all seemed sort of useless.  Not that my opinions aren’t worth something but at the same time they didn’t justify the effort I was putting in to express them.  This happens from time to time.  Something seems like a good idea at the time and looks good “on paper” but when it comes to actually putting the thing together the cracks start to show and my desire to complete what I am working for evaporates.

It’s kind of like Rutger Hauer’s epic speech in Blade Runner, but more about my feelings on Superman in 2014 and less about a replicant trying to show humanity what being human is all about.

I think the reason I have zero interest in doing a Year In Review thing is that 2014 kind of sucked.  I will not say that 2015 HAS to be better because I did that at the end of 2013 and life decided that this was the best time to show me that not only can things get worse they will get worse so strap in, buttercup because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  The lesson here is simple; never tempt fate because fate has the better ability to kick you in the teeth than you have of getting around whatever life has in store for you.

So while there were things about Superman that I loved in 2014 and there were things that re-energized me as a reader and all of the stuff coming out about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice that had me excited and the episodes of From Crisis to Crisis that Jeffrey and I produced and the episodes were great of Radio KAL that Steve Younis and I produced were great and episodes of Views that dealt with Superman were great and a bunch of other stuff that I am forgetting to mention…all of that made 2014 bearable during some pretty crappy times and for that I am thankful.

In the end, however, I just want to move on.

So good-bye, 2014.  You kind of sucked but there were some bright spots that made life worth living.

And hello, 2015.  I will not say you can’t possibly be worse than the last two years but I can hope that things start to even out.  Just a little.

This all strikes me as a really depressing way to start the year, so here’s something to make you laugh.

If that doesn’t make you smile…well, I really can’t help you.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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