Action 484 Last PageTomorrow my wife Rachel and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.  We’ve been together a little over fourteen years and frankly it felt like we were married a few months into our relationship but on December 14, 2003 she did me the honor of becoming my wife.  Through good times and bad Rachel has been my best friend, my lover, my support structure and the best enabler a comic book addict like me could possibly want.  She has truly made me a better man.

Love ya, Sweet Pea.

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  1. Martin Gray says:

    Belated happy anniversary to you both. I’ve just listened to the accompanying Views from the Longbox podcast and loved it to bits, it was wonderful hearing the back and forth about the story and the Clark/Lois relationship. You two are so smart and funny and just darned good together.

    Reading the Silver Age Superman and Lois stories as a kid, I didn’t see Lois as an idiot, more frustrated. It wasn’t that she couldn’t see Clark was Superman – she could, but she couldn’t prove it, due to Superman’s endless parade of robots, Kandorian lookalikes, Batmen, Legionnaires, memory tricks … It’s a wonder Lois didn’t go insane, he messed with her head so much.

    The respect between the pair in Mr and Mrs Superman was a joy; sadly, Superman Family was non-distributed in the UK for most of its run, so I missed the majority of stories. I’d like a collection too. I love that first story: the clever Bates script, the rare Swan/Giella art, it’s wonderful.

    Anyway, the best to you both, Mr and Mrs Podcaster!

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