It’s the Fourth of July.  I’m an American.  I like Superman.  Time for some covers.

Superman (Vol. 2) #053Superman Sourcebook A Superman Sourcebook 2Go beyond the cut for more covers!

Beyond The Cut…that sounds like the title for a documentary on blogging.

Action Comics #750 Adventures of Superman #600 Superman (Vol. 1) #400 Superman (Vol. 1) #702 Superman (Vol. 2) #69 Superman (Vol. 2) #079

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  1. MattComix says:

    Hey Michael just wanted to say that I listened to that impromptu Justice League of Superman podcasters review for Man Of Steel and I really enjoyed it.

    I really think that the “American Way” as it relates to Superman isn’t about backing a particular president or political ideology. It’s more about the positive aspects of what America has been able to achieve while also having an awareness of it’s faults. This is why I’m not bothered by images of Superman in front of the flag on covers like this or a scene like the one in Legends where he is talking to the President or the phrase “..and the American Way.” For him it’s not “the american way because any other way sucks.”

    Just like Superman does what he does because he believes in humanity as he himself is a product human’s love and compassion through being raised by Johnathan and Martha, he also believes in the potential of the country in which he has lived in his entire life to be a force for good in the world. Not at the exception of other countries and cultures, but alongside of them.

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