Well…it’s a new beginning for the Fortress at any rate.  Plans are in motion to bring this blog back online with regular posts in the near future.  It might take a few weeks but between having some episodes of From Crisis to Crisis in the can and mapping out some new features plus getting some old features up and running again I should have this place back to a five post a week schedule.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and New Years.  It was relatively low key here at the Fortress but I got some fun Superman stuff for Christmas which I’ll be sharing soon.  I know it’s been dark around here for a long time but I’ve got the green crystal back in the chamber and between the 20th anniversary of the Electric Blue Superman and a few other things I’ll have plenty to discuss.

Especially around June…when a celebration will begin.

A celebration marking three decades of a certain someone collecting the Superman books.

More to follow…promise!

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5 Responses to HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

  1. eddiephlash says:

    We’d love more than 3 FCTC episodes this year!

  2. marc lax says:

    I’m now about to celebrate thirty four years of regular constant comics collecting. It’s not a milestone but I’m proud to say I’ve been collecting this long and loved every minute of it. Early congrats on thirty years! I can’t think of a better hobby to be a part of. And the network of friends i have (while mainly Facebook friends) and awesome podcasts and podcasters I’ve gotten to know is the best part of being a fan. It’s great to finally have a group of people to share my fandom with. Thanks guys! Thanks Mike!

  3. Arnie H says:

    Thank you Michael. I’m a SuperFan that got his start in the Bronze Age. I’ve been enjoying your podcasts for many years. Now looking forward to seeing more here at the Fortress. Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year Michael, looking forward to what’s to come from the Fortress!

  5. Eddie: The plan is for more than 3 episodes. I have 3 in the can and ready to go. We’re just waiting for a few more episodes to be completely done to give us the lead time we always squander.

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