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  1. Back when “2001” was the future! Boy, that makes me feel old 😉

    Armageddon 2001 was, and still is, one of the better DC line-wide events. That it travelled through DC’s annuals in that year and retained reader interest across disparate titles was admirable. It wasn’t as good as Invasion! (in my opinion, your mileage may vary) but it did tantalise some interesting possibilities. For a Superman fan, it was like the classic “imaginary story” template being applied to each DC hero of the time. And no Elseworlds needed.

    Yes, you can cite the debacle about Monarch’s change of identity at the 11th hour when it got spoiled – and , yes, the editorial selection for his replacement made no sense in terms of managing to pick the one alternative who simply *couldn’t* be the bad guy (as one possible future had invalidated that possibility in absolute terms). You can even go onto say that the Captain Atom-oriented follow-up (Alien Agenda) was uneven and that the JSA “return vehicle” (Armageddon) wasn’t much better.

    But, in its favour, it did have some really great Dan Jurgens art, introduced us to Waverider (which then opens up further discoveries with the Linear Men, Rip Hunter and Vanishing Point) and generated some great annuals (all the Superman-related annuals that year deserve mention) that are still remembered very fondly to this day.

    I like Monarch, I really do. As a villain he had real potential – a bit like the Time Trapper, really – the “spider” sat on his future throne, doing everything to ensure that his threaded reality isn’t threatened, whatever the cost.

    Battle for Bloodhaven and Countdown kind of diluted this for me; I much preferred the earlier take. And don’t even get me started on the Monarch revelation in Extreme Justice; that made no sense whatsoever.

    If you’ve never read it, get A2001: 1 & 2 and grab the annuals for a great read.


  2. Michael Bailey says:

    Hey, I know that one!

    It was revealed, I believe in Extreme Justice, that the Captain Atom we all knew and loved that had been running around the DCU since 1987 was actually a quantum clone that was created during the experiment that Nathanial Adam chose to participate in rather than be executed for a crime he didn’t commit. So the clone pops out, becomes Captain Atom and then years later the real and more unbalanced Nathanial Adam pops out and becomes Monarch.

    Now on the surface this is kind of silly but to me it was always kind of cool because it let the original ending to Armageddon 2001 play out without undoing it.

  3. Hi Michael

    Sorry, I seem to have lost my original reply to this which was more detailed.

    I only have 2 problems with the EJ/Monarch resolution.

    (1) It’s the 1990s. Clones? Again? Really?

    (2) And this bit’s from memory. It’s stated in EJ that the trip through the Quantum Field reverses the traveller’s natural personality traits. The inference here is that the real Nathaniel Adam was a bit of a *&^% and the “clone” that came out in CA#1 was therefore a nice guy. Trouble is there’s load of evidence to contradict that theory in CA’s own book (and others) with flashbacks showing this explicitly wasn’t the case; Nate had always been a straight-up guy.

    Moreover if this reversal was true, Clifford Zmeck (convicted murderer -and probably rapist) was a &*^% when he went in and was a &*^% when he came back out as Major Force. Just ask Kyle Rayner, of course…

    So no reversal there! >Sigh<

    If anything, I'd suggest that the opposite is true – the "clone" (if we have to keep this continuity alive retrospectively) is probably the copy kept in the Quantum Field that takes the Monarch suit.

    The problem is that the author wanted to add the storyline kink of suggesting that the hero we'd been reading about was never the original. I seem to remember that this tactic always annoys readers.

    It works much better the way I've suggested, I think.

    Battle for Bloodhaven's retcon still ticks me off though… 😉


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