Man I got a lot done today.

I had the day off today, which I really needed because work has been really stressful as of late.  We had the threat of a visit from corporate and that usually throws everyone into a tizzy and results in working more hours and generally trying to kill ourselves to get the store in fighting shape.

I was really at the snapping point yesterday.  Yes indeed I was.

Usually I spend my days off far away from the computer so I can spend some time with Rachel.  Rachel puts up with me doing all of these reviews and podcasts so it is only fair if I don’t have to work that I devote my full attention to her.  Today, however, was a special day as writer Laurell K. Hamilton was doing a store signing at one of the Barnes and Noble in Atlanta and since Rachel loves her some Laurell K. Hamilton I was going to do everything possible to get her there.  I am not a big fan of Hamilton’s work, so I figured I would bring the laptop with me, sit in the Starbucks and catch up on some “busy work”.

Boy did I catch up on some “busy work”.

I don’t know if it was being away from the house or the fact that I had to kill about five hours but I was able to get so much done today it’s not even funny.  Here is what I was able to accomplish…

  • Wrote two reviews from the Superman Homepage.  They were for Justice League of America #41 and Justice League: Cry For Justice #6.  I was even able to e-mail those to Steve because of the free wi-fi.
  • Wrote a review for the Spider-Man CrawlspaceAmazing Spider-Man #618 to be exact.  I was able to post that because of the previously mentioned free wi-fi.
  • Made four posts to this blog to catch up on the Tales of the Justice Society of America and From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast entries I haven’t been able to do.
  • Catch up the episode listings for both Views From The Longbox and From Crisis to Crisis.  I was a few months behind on both.
  • Delete the spam and do general site business, including finding a neat new plug-in for the Pages feature, on both blogs.
  • Get the audio for this week From Crisis to Crisis ready for editing tomorrow.

And all of this was after spending about an hour or so cleaning up the XML code for Views and FCTC while Rachel was getting ready, which should clear the way for me setting up a new feed for Views so I can better track the downloads and subscriptions to that show.

I feel as if a great weight has been lifted and I am pretty much caught up on everything except one Amazing Spider-Man review, but I will knock that out tomorrow.

All while Rachel attended her Q & A and signing.  It’s been kind of interesting sitting here in Starbucks and doing all of this.  I was somewhat amused to see how all of the Laurell K. Hamilton fans dress alike, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the commonality of “my people”.  This is one of the few times where if I had to find my wife the description, “She’s about five foot two, wears glasses, a lot of black clothing, boots and a corset, ” wouldn’t get me very far.

Tomorrow I go back to work but I am so much more on track than I was yesterday.

And that…is…awesome.

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  1. james says:

    Thanks for your hard work–especially on the Superman podcast. Kudos to your cohost too.

  2. You’re to be commended for your many, many efforts, Michael, and I’m sure all of us appreciate it and understand a small delay here and there. Life gets hectic, and as much as we may sometimes forget it, comics aren’t necessarily #1 on the list of priorities. Ha! Here’s sending a few positive vibes your way!

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