It’s the Fourth of July here in the States, a day that seems to be mainly for grilling out and having sales at large retail outlets but for some of us it is a day to honor a group of men that bucked the system and managed to form a new nation.  Sure the Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed by all of the members of the Continental Congress on the Fourth, but it seemed like a good day as any.

Superman has long been associated with American iconography, mainly because of World War II and the George Reeves television series but you can’t discount the end of Superman II when Superman streaks across the sky carrying the Stars and Stripes.


I like it.  Some may not but I certainly do.

This year I am going to start what I hope will become a tradition here at the Fortress.  Every Fourth of July, for as long as I maintain this blog/site, I’ll post a couple of my favorite covers and images of Superman and the American flag.  I may not wear my patriotism on my sleeve, but there is something really cool about seeing Superman and that flag together.  This year I chose two fairly recent (within the last decade at least) covers that I thought were amazing. 

First up is the cover to Superman (Vol. 2) #178 by Ed McGuinness.

Superman #178

This was during the year that Superman wore black in honor of those who had fallen during the events of Our Worlds At War, an affectation that took on a more somber tone after the events of 9/11 and the horrors of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93.  This cover hit at just the right time I think.  Some of us needed that iconic shot of Superman, the flag and an eagle.

Good stuff.

Next up is the cover of Action Comics #803 by Dave Bullock.

Action #803

Given the context of the story and the fact that the Superman on the cover is not the real Superman this cover might not be the best example of Superman and the flag.  Still, take all of that away and you have a stunning piece of art.

That’s it for this year.  I hope everyone has a very happy and, more importantly, safe July Fourth holiday.

More to follow…

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