Episode 10: Tracing Superman’s History Over 80 Years

In the final installment of my four part wrap up to Superman’s 80th birthday I present the audio from yet another panel from the 2018 Dragon ConTracing Superman’s History Over 80 Years was a solo panel that was part of the Comics and Pop Art track and, as the name of the panel suggests, this panel had 80 years of Superman in 60 minutes.  I go over the creation of the character and then, decade by decade, talk about the highlights of the character in the comic books and the various live action, radio, and animated adaptations that have been produced.  From the forties to the present I try to give a sense of how Superman evolved and changed over eight decades.  This was a lot of fun to put together and I was surprised that I was able to get everything done in an hour.

Special thanks to Tony Barletta, the programming director for the Comics and Pop Art track, for giving me the opportunity to do this panel.

You can find a PDF of the PowerPoint I created for this panel by clicking on this link.

Below are some of the photos my wife took during the panel.

Next Time: I don’t have an episode planned at the moment but while this show may not be monthly show anymore I’ll put something out from time to time so keep your feed open.


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