Episode 13: Shazam Times 3, Superman Times 2

J David Weter (but we can call him Dave) joins me to talk about two team-ups between Superman and Captain Marvel (but DC calls him Shazam).  Why?  Ostensibly it was to tie into the Shazam film that came out earlier this year and if I had released this episode earlier this year it would have.  Now it’s just a fun excuse to talk about Superman and Captain Marvel meeting up.  First up in our discussion is DC Comics Presents #49, where Superman fights Black Adam, there’s a Billy Batson on Earth-1 who isn’t Captain Marvel, and then Captain Marvel shows up.  After that, David and I talk about DC Comics Presents Annual #3, where Sivana steals the power of Shazam and fights the Earth-1 Superman, the Earth-2 Superman, Captain Marvel, Jr., Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel, who has a crisis of faith during the battle!  Mixed in with all of this is commentary on Captain Marvel in general, his other team-ups with Superman, why Dave loves the Golden Age Captain Marvel adventures, and some of the ads that appeared in these books.  After that, I go through some feedback on the previous issue.

Below are the covers and selected pages from the books Dave and I discussed.

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Next Time: Either a year end episode or the first part in a series where I talk to Superman fans that express their fandom in other ways than blathering on about comic books.

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  1. A most enjoyable conversation, gentlemen. Thank you for letting me listen in. I enjoyed those DC Comics Presents issues many years ago when they first came out, and, if you’re interested, Russell Bragg covered both on his now-completed <a href=";DC Comics Presents Show podcast. Maybe (no, almost certainly) I’m just a crabby old guy, but even after all this time, I really dislike hearing Billy Batson’s alter ego called “Shazam”, if for no other reason that it results in the “Captain Marvel, Jr. problem”. If he transforms by saying “SHAZAM!”, then, every time he’d say his name, he’d transform. If he’s not going to be called “Captain Marvel”, he needs a name other than “Shazam”. this was kind of a winking joke in the recent movie, but, eventually, if there will be more movies with this character, he’s going to need a name that works.

  2. Zane Johnsoon says:

    Those were a couple of great picks to discuss on IACBTS! Both books are definitely available to read now at the DC Universe app, for those that have it.

    I remember picking up issue 49 at my local mini mart back when it first came out in 1982. I picked it up entirely because of the Captain Marvel appearance. The “The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!” cartoon show had been out for about a year at that time, so any appearance I saw on a cover with either Captain Marvel or the Marvel Family was an automatic purchase. I loved the appearance of the Earth-1 Billy Batson. Thankfully, I had also started reading the All-Star Squadron at that time, so my 9 year-old brain wasn’t confused at all by the appearance of an “Earth-1” Billy, or that the Marvel Family was housed on “Earth-S”.

    Thank you for bringing attention to the annual, as well. I remember browsing it at a spinner rack at a grocery store back in 1984, but because of the $1.25 cover price, my folks thought I could pick a comic book with a less expensive price tag. Oh, the days when $1.25 was an *expensive* comic book…! Regardless, I do love Gil Kane’s art, especially on the Marvel Family – they looked absolutely amazing. The Earth-2 Superman also looked amazing. I know Kane had his detractors during this time frame – I always thought that he would have benefited from a good inker. For example, I personally thought John Romita Sr was a great inker for Kane when he was penciling Spider-Man. Just my opinion, of course.

    I hope that you consider doing another review of Superman/Captain Marvel issues in the future with Dave, specifically the DC Comics Presents issues 33 and 34 – especially 33, where Superman and Captain Marvel not only switch costumes, but also switch powers!

  3. Zane Johnson says:

    Thank you also for taking the time to answer my questions. “Cognitive dissonance” is as good of an answer as any when it comes to DC and their own revisionist history. I see this rearing its ugly head again as we get into 2020 and the apparent onset of DC’s “5G” plan.

    Considering the current state of the “Superman” books and your stance of quitting them altogether as of the identify reveal (part deux!), is there anything DC could do at this point to get you to buy them again, or is this likely the final straw for you?

    I sincerely appreciate you continuing your podcasting efforts on Superman, regardless of how the books currently are at this point.

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