Episode 8: Superman The Movie – 40 Years of the Fastest Typist Ever Seen

In the second part of what has become the wrap up to my celebration of Superman’s 80th birthday I am presenting the audio from a panel I was on at Dragon Con 2018.  Superman The Movie: 40 Years of the Fastest Typist Ever Seen was an hour long conversation about the 40th anniversary of…you guessed it…Superman The Movie.  Joining me on this journey through time and space was Michael French (of Retroblasting fame) author James Palmer, Father Bryan Small and James Hudgens.  Over the course of the hour we discuss how the film was developed, the cast, the crew, the spiritual/religious elements to the film, the impact the movie had and the legacy of the film.  It was a fun panel to be on and it was an honor to share the stage four fellow Superman The Movie fans.

During the wrap up section of this episode I told the audience to come back here to check a few things out.  First up is a link to Caped Wonder, a site run by the always awesome Jim Bowers.  Jim is a tireless defender and promoter of the Christopher Reeve Superman films and the site is a joy to visit.  Jim recently teamed up with Jay Towers to start The Caped Wonder Superman Podcast through iHeart Radio, so be sure to check that out as well.  Years ago Jim posted a bunch of trailers for Superman The Movie and I played the audio from two of those videos during the presentation.  So, credit to Jim is given because credit is due.

Next, here is a link to a PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation I put together for this panel.  It is mainly visual but I thought you might like to see what the audience was seeing during as we were talking.

Finally, two good friends of mine recently wrapped up a podcast looking at Superman: The Movie in five minute chunks.  Head on over to The Fire and Water Podcast Network and listen to Superman Movie Minute.  The show is hosted by Rob Kelly and Chris Franklin and it’s a serious deep dive into this film that I was lucky enough to guest on for an episode or two.  They not only talk about the film but the merchandise and even got to interview Richard Donner at one point.  It’s an amazing show and I would say that even if they hadn’t invited me to be on two of the installments.

Finally, thanks, as always, to Joe Crowe and Gary Mitchel for continuing to put me on panels like this one.  It makes con so much fun and I appreciate their faith in me.

Next Time: Another Dragon Con 2018 panel!  This one is about the 25th anniversary of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman!




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