Episode 9: Lois and Clark Super-Romantic 25th Anniversary

In the third part in what has become a wrap-up to my celebration of Superman’s 80th Anniversary I am presenting another panel that I recorded at the 2018 Dragon Con.  Lois and Clark Super-Romantic 25th Anniversary was an hour long presentation about …you guessed it again…the fact that Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman celebrated the 25th anniversary of the show premiering back on September 12th.  Joining me on this journey through capes, ties, and romance is Michael Falkner (of Creative Criticality and Who’s The Doctor: Talking Outside the Box) and Michael French (of Retroblasting and Who’s The Doctor: Talking Outside the Box), so I guess we could have also called this panel Three Michaels Talk About Lois and Clark.  Over the course of an hour we cover the behind the scenes history of Lois and Clark, Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane, Dean Cain as Clark Kent and Superman, the rest of the cast, the villains, the suit, the ties as well as favorite and least favorite episodes.  The audience was a big part of this panel as well and I loved that we got so much participation, especially during the later part of the presentation.

If you want to follow along with the presentation you can download a PDF of the PowerPoint I created for the panel by clicking on this link.

During the panel we joked about a certain image from the promotional material for Lois and Clark being the most downloaded image on the Internet back around 1993/1994.  Here is that image.

Next Time: A final Superman related panel from the 2018 Dragon Con.

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