I know this may come as a complete and utter shock to people but I like Superman.

I’ll give you all a minute to let that sink in and allow you to compose yourselves.

I try to hide my love and adoration for Superman but the truth has to come out at some point and I might as well fess up here and now.

Because acceptance is the first step towards the healing.

Anyway, I have spent the last ten years or so making an effort to collect the Bronze Age era of Superman.  It’s been an on and off sort of thing as my world renowned short attention span sent me in other collecting directions but recently I have been rather focused in my pursuit and until last week I was three issues away from having a complete run of Superman (Vol. 1) from issues 231 to the present.  Those three issues were kind of a bugger to find too.  The comic shop I currently haunt had a great selection of Bronze Age Superman in the $3 box but issues 245, 252 and 272 were no where to be found.  I couldn’t find them at a decent price (or at all) at the various cons and one day shows I have attended in the past year either.

Frankly I was getting a tad annoyed.  I would find 252 occasionally with some insane price tag on it and think, “Wow, I am not at the point where I would be willing to spend that much money on a book,” but other than that nothing.  I found it sort of amusing that these elusive books were all 100 Page Spectaculars but other than that they had nothing in common.  Finally I got impatient and went to my last hope; eBay.  After thirty minutes or so of looking around I found all three issues in the condition and price range I considered reasonable.  Over the next the next three days I plan to post scans of the covers and do the blog version of an End Zone dance to celebrate this occasion.

And, as I am fond of writing, here we go…

This is my least favorite of the books so far as the covers go.  The Superman standing by the logo looks more than a little off and the whole layout is just wonky.  I am glad to have the issue, though because I love these reprint issues.  The very idea of them is cool because there was a time when reprints of older comics were hard to find.  So these were (at the time) cheap ways to get a whole bunch of older comic stories.  When it comes to comics cheap is usually but not always good.

Next time: Neal Adams.

More to follow…

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  1. Luke says:

    That cover is pretty busy, even for the era, but I have to admit: I really like the little headshot of Mr. Mxyztplk!

  2. Alan Leach Jr. says:

    Nick Cardy is hit or miss on Superman covers for me and this is a bit of a miss, however I do like his teen titans work. Personally I did not pick up this issue (272) until earlier this year when my LCS put all back issues in the store on sale for a dollar to liquidate some stock. I of course bought up every 80 and 100 page Giant I could find that I didn’t have. The other two issues I got at the begining of my collecting days way back in 1986 or so when I first started reading Superman with Man of Steel. These issues as well as other giants were my education and gateway into the greater Superman history in the way the Superman from the 30s to 70s was for you. The other interesting thing is these issues also feature stories of other characters that I had only heard of from Who’s Who and some of those also sparked my interest. Thanks for bringing back those nostalgic memories of my early collecting days some 25 years ago.

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