So the hype leading up to Man of Steel is starting to really crank up.  More bits and pieces about the merchandising are making their way around the web and there is even word of a new trailer in April.  Magazines are getting in on the action too.

Empire Magazine 2013 AThis cover got quite a bit of play when it hit the Internet.  It’s been interesting to see actually.  A new image from this film pops up on a website and suddenly all of my friends on Facebook that like Superman are either posting it, making it their profile picture or both.  It’s not something I necessarily like to do but more power to them.

What I love most about this cover is that Superman is front and center.  Even with Iron Man 3 coming out in the same summer Empire chose to go with Superman as their main image, which gives me some hope that this film will be the big deal it needs to be.  What I don’t like about the cover is that it states that Superman is getting the “Dark Knight treatment”.  My first thought when I read that was, “Wow, that is written by someone is trying to sell magazines.”  Yes, the recent Batman films and Man of Steel share some creative personnel but everything that I have read regarding Man of Steel is that Superman is going to be a figure of hope, not a dark knight in red and blue.  The people responsible for the cover copy on this magazine don’t care about that.  Their goal is to get the average person on the street to purchase their magazine and if they can associate this movie with a very successful film franchise then maybe that average man and woman on the street will be more likely to plunk down the cash to buy this issue.

Is it misleading?  Yes.  Is it morally wrong?  I don’t know if I would go that far, but it is still annoying.

There was a variant to the cover without the obnoxious copy.

Empire Magazine 2013 BThe more I see of that suit the more I like the way it looks.

As I was searching for a post worthy version of this cover I stumbled across this image and smiled.

Empire Magazine 2006It’s nice to see that when a Superman film comes out he gets the cover of Empire Magazine.

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