Meanwhile Column 1986 Jerry OrdwayToday is usually the day I post a new From Crisis to Crisis but schedules and real life have once again gotten in the way.  Instead of posting a random image or panel or cover I thought I would finally get around to posting the scan you see above.  This Meanwhile column appeared right around the time the Superman books were rebooting in 1986.  John Byrne and Marv Wolfman are usually the ones that get mentioned when the early days of the Post Crisis Superman are discussed but Jerry Ordway was there from the beginning and stayed on for over five years.  So while Byrne and Wolfman (who is also mentioned in this column as you no doubt noticed) are most deserving of every bit of credit they get I think that Jerry sometimes gets forgotten as one of the founders of the Post Crisis Man of Steel and one of the creators that helped make that era so memorable.

I mean check out these pages and panels from the Time and Time Again issues of Superman.

1991-04- Superman Meets Train1991-04- Superman and Girl 1991-04- Superman Close Up 1991-04- Superman vs Nazi Train 1991-05- Superman Beard 1One of my holy grails as far as Superman collectibles goes is the poster Jerry drew from around this time period.  I had little to no disposable income at the time it was first released (I was like 14/15) and it got away from me.

Superman- Ordway 006Maybe it’s time to hit up eBay and see if I can get my hands on one.

I also think Jerry is sporting one fine mustache in that picture.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  FCTC will be back next week, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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  1. Edison says:

    Nice. Ordway is probably my favorite Superman artist and second only to Roger Stern as my favorite Supes writer.

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