The house ads I posted the other day went over better than I thought they would so here are some more going back to 1990/1991.

This is not only an interesting re-coloring of the cover to Superman (Vol. 2) #40 but a solid way to tease/advertise a storyline.  You have a guy that looks like Superman wearing a strange looking outfit in front of a funky looking alien wearing the Superman symbol with the words, “SUPERMAN OF TOMORROW?” floating above them.  I have no idea how effective this ad was but it looks very cool.  I hope it did bring in some readers.  The Day of the Krypton Man story arc was a solid read.

This is a pretty basic ad but Superman looks good.  I wish he was a little larger in the image but I guess the point of the whole thing is to promote Earth Day and not Superman.  Superman is an interesting choice for an ad like this.  I guess they were going for a recognizable character.  Personally I would have put in Swamp Thing but maybe that’s just me.

I like the Atlas feel this ad has going for it.  The story wasn’t my favorite but it featured some gorgeous Kerry Gammill art in it.  There were even some echoes of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, which Jeffrey and I poked a little fun at when we covered this special on From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast.

Next time: A bit of YouTube fun.

More to follow…

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2 Responses to MORE SUPERMAN HOUSE ADS 1990/1991

  1. Dan North says:

    Going by the “About the Author” section in the hardcover “Death and Life of Superman” Stern is very proud of “For Earth” since the “About the Author” went a little like this:
    Roger Stern is a comic book writer of many comics published by both Marvel and DC. He writes Action Comics and the Superman graphic novel For Earth. He also wrote the Man of Steel Sourcebook. He also wrote the Superman graphic novel For Earth. Did we mention he wrote the Superman graphic novel For Earth? He also wrote the Superman graphic novel For Earth.

    I had never heard of the story till I re-read the novel and it amuses me to hear it wasn’t all that good.

  2. Brad says:

    These ads are terrific. I love Superman bearing the world on his shoulders, although in the Greek myth, Atlas carried the “vault of heaven” or the skies, on his back, not the Earth.

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