Superboy 61

Back in late 1998 I finally climbed on to what some people called the Information Super Highway, a term that is very, very ’90s.  The Internet was a wild, untamed place back then though it was a lot more organized than it was just a few years before so I think I lucked out on when I came into things.  My internet service provider was AOL and while AOL gets a lot of crap (some of it deserved) I rather liked it.  DC had a big presence on AOL and it was fun to check out the content they provided.

DC was still doing the whole letters page thing back then and almost immediately I started writing into the books I was reading at the time.  Then as now I felt like it was sort of cheating.  To my mind a letter was something you physically wrote and mailed with a stamp but I gave the whole e-mailing thing a go anyway.  Towards the end of February 1999 I got an e-mail out of the blue congratulating me on getting a letter printed in the then latest issue of Superboy.  I had totally forgotten that I had written into that title and hadn’t picked up my comics for about a month because of work so I was unaware that the letter had been printed.  A day or two later (right about my very non-birthday as a matter of fact) I picked up Superboy #61 and there on the second page of the letters column was my e-mail.

Here’s a scan of that page.

Superboy #61 Letters

It may not be a dissertation on the themes of a major work of fiction but looking at the letter now it wasn’t a bad start.  I was so excited when I finally got my copy.  I felt like John Candy in the movie Splash and ran around shouting, “They printed my letter!  They printed my letter!”  Superboy was one of my favorite titles at the time.  Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett had come back to the title and suddenly it was fun again after a few years of coasting through storylines. Superboy #61 was the second part of the Hypertension arc was the first story that dealt with Hypertime, the pseudo multiverse thing that DC started a few months before during The Kingdom fifth week event.  Hypertension gave Kesel and Gummett the chance to revisit the classic Superboy and while it may seem very late ’90s DC it was so much fun.

Now I want to re-read that story.

Anwyay, seeing that e-mail printed encouraged me to write more over the next few years.  Some of them even got printed.  I’ll post more of those in the future.

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