November Fifth ReturnsFrom Crisis to Crisis 1995 Trailer

Hey, everyone!  How have you been?  I know it’s been awhile since I have posted anything here.  Well, for the moment that is changing.  Not only do I have a bunch of posts all done and dusted and ready to post I can safely write that From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast is coming back this Thursday!  In fact we cut together a new trailer for the show which you can listen to by clicking on the link underneath the poorly Photoshopped image.  So check it out and then share it on the social medias.  If you can your own podcast feel free to use it.  Just let me know so Jeff and I can return the favor!

I wanted to thank everyone for their patience with this site and with the show.  No excuses or anything like that.  I have a lot of fun stuff planned for the next two months.

More to follow…

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