Below is a list of the books I picked up this week.

  • Superman #16
  • Justice League #14

The cover to Superman #16 looks amazing.  The Justice Lords uniform is particularly awesome and now I want to see comic book stories featuring that version of the League…Lords…League.  You get the idea.  I am so backed up on books now that I don’t have much to say about the latest issue of Justice League.

I really need to get caught up.

Digital Books

The Post Crisis issues of Superman have officially left the Electric Blue era this week and have headed right into the Dominus story.  Still no sign of Superman Red/Superman Blue and for some reason the Superman Forever special isn’t available.  Comixology and DC are leaving money on the table at this point.

Digital books I “picked up” this week include:

  • Action Comics (1938) #s 21, 745 and 746
  • Adventures of Superman (1987) #s 558 and 559
  • Superman (1987) #s 135 and 136
  • Superman: The Man of Steel (1991) #s 79 and 80.

I also picked up the issues of Supergirl, Steel, Aquaman, Teen Titans and Challengers of the Unknown that tied into the Millennium Giants storyline.

Other Superman books that became available this week include:

  • DC Comics Presents (1978) #s 47-49

Next week I am going to start picking up some of the past digital issues I’ve been meaning to get.  I wanted to wait until they put out all of the books I’ll be covering for my Do The Clothes Make The Man feature because having the digital issues makes grabbing images that much easier.  I do like that the Masters of the Universe issue of DC Comics Presents is available.  That book went for crazy money for a time.

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