Below is a the list of new Superman books I picked up this week.

  • Action Comics #973
  • Supergirl #6
  • Superwoman #7
  • New Super-Man #8
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #7
  • Justice League/Power Rangers #2

Action continues to be my favorite of the main Superman titles but I am really digging on Superman right now as well, which is a nice position to be in.  I am hoping that my schedule will open up a bit so I can sit down and get caught up on all of the satellite titles because I want to type something other than, “those books are building up but I’m looking forward to reading them.”  The only title that I am waiting until it’s done and dusted to read is Justice League/Powers Rangers.  I’m buying that more out of a combination of obligation and novelty than anything else.

I do find it interesting that DC keeps putting out all of the satellite books on the same week.  You would think they would want to stretch it out.  On the other hand it makes the other weeks lighter on my wallet, so there’s that.

I went to the one day Atlanta Comic Convention last Sunday and picked up a few Silver Age Superboy books out of the two dollar box.  They aren’t in mint condition but they’re not whipped to hell either.  Between that and hitting the 50% off bin at Dave’s Comics in Fayetteville I managed to snag Superboy #s 109, 126, 146, 150, 157, 162, 169, 170 and 174 for a very reasonable price.  Part of me wants to get more serious about filling in the Silver Age holes in my collection but I need to cut back on what I’m spending on comics for various reasons.  I guess the time has come to look at the non-Superman books I have on my pull list and decide which ones need to go.

Digital Comics

My digital focus shifted this week now that I’ve finished picking up what was available from the Electric Blue era.  I bought a handful of books from 1995 and 1996 that Jeff and I will be covering or have covered on FCTC in the next year or so.  These include:

  • Action Comics (1938) #s 708, 709, 718, 719
  • Adventures of Superman (1987) #s 521, 522, 532, 533
  • Superman (1987) #s 98, 99, 109, 110
  • Superman: The Man of Steel (1991) #s 42, 43, 53, 54
  • Superman: The Man of Tomorrow (1995) #4

I also picked up Action Comics (1938) #s 22 and 24 because they were a buck a piece.

In case you were curious here’s a list of the Superman back issues that were released digitally this week.

  • Action Comics (1938) #s 747 and 748
  • Adventures of Superman (1987) #s 560 and 561
  • DC Comics Presents (1978) #s 50-52
  • Superman (1987) #s 137 and 138
  • Superman: The Man of Steel (1991) #s 81 and 82
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