Episode 40 – Starlin’s Batman Part 2: Ten Nights of the Beast Part 1

Welcome to the fortieth episode of The Overlooked Dark Knight. The is a non-index index show where the hosts, Andrew Leyland and Michael Bailey, look at Batman comics that rarely, if ever, get talked about.  Back in episode 39 they started a series covering Jim Starlin’s run of Batman and they are going to continue with that until they get through all of his issues, up to and including Batman: The Cult.

This time out they continue their look at Starlin’s run with the first two installments of the “mini-series within a series” Ten Nights of the Beast.  In Batman #417, a rogue Soviet agent known as the KGBEast (cagey beast!) is in Gotham and while the FBI and the VIA are both on the Beast’s trail, Batman gets involved because he may be the only one to stop the carnage.  The action and political intrigue continues in Batman #418, where the Beast continues making his way through the list and Batman has his first confrontations with the Soviet super soldier.

Below is a gallery of the cover and select pages from the comics discussed during the course of this episode.

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Next time: The thrilling conclusion to Ten Nights of the Beast!


  1. This will be an interesting couple of episodes for me as it’s mostly new material – I think I managed just two issues of Ten Nights of the Beast because it has everything that I really don’t like in a Batman comic: a big bruiser of a villain; Eighties politics and real-world politicians; Russia: yet another ‘master of all martial arts’ types – Denny O’Neil was obsessed (RIP, though, I enjoyed loads of his own stories, there’s a great GL/GA strip in the GL 80th Anniversary giant that came out today, as he reunites with the equally great Mike Grell).

    I definitely had nightmares about nuclear war, it felt inevitable, I remember one so intense it woke me up in a cold sweat.

    It seems weird that Starlin called one of the minor characters Jason when then-current Robin was already Jason. Perhaps he was a real person a la Terry Kavanagh… did he and Starlin not get on?

    I love that you pointed out that KGBeast sounds like Cagey Beast! Actually, the name was the best thing about him, so much better than NKVDemon.

    I haven’t got my original copy of the second issue here, but that page 12 number Andrew mentioned…are you sure it’s not page 13? Letterer John Costanza would habitually reverse out the usual black on white when he got to that page – I always assumed he started doing it before letterers got credit, as a signature, but checking online there’s an interview in which he says he can’t really remember why! Online reprints of this issue, presumably nicked from DC reprints, have the page 13 as a kind of cream curved corner, as if they’ve tried to ‘fix’ the reversed-out ‘13’ but not quite managed it.

    And a question for you chaps – is the name of Gotham, ‘Gotham’, or ‘Gotham City’, implying there’s a Gotham state?

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