The very first DC/Marvel crossover was not Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man.  You would think so.  It makes sense.  Take DC’s biggest hero of 1976 and Marvel’s biggest hero of 1976 and team them up in a treasury sized comic.  It would be like printing money.  Well, it didn’t work like that.  The first Marvel/DC crossover was actually the Marvelous Wizard of Oz.  The hows and whys are pretty simple and laid out in this edition of Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed.

A year later Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man came out and made comic book history.  The house ad for it was pretty neat.

Ad- 1976 Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

Five years later the two iconic characters met again.  The house ad is also pretty awesome.  I love the interaction between Dr. Doom and Parasite.

Ad- 1981 Superman and Spider-Man 2

All things being equal I prefer the second team-up to the first.  Don’t get me wrong.  That first one is great.  I just prefer the art and in most cases the plot of the second one.  To be fair Doom and Parasite are not exactly equal as villains, but that actually worked for the story.  Plus you had Superman squaring off against the Hulk and Spider-Man facing off against Wonder Woman.

If you are interested in hearing my thoughts on both of these specials listen to Episode 37 and Episode 50 of Back to the Bins.  Scott Gardner, Chris Honeywell and I talk both of these stories in detail.  Both of those links are direct downloads.  They are also not safe for work.  Just to tell you.  If you want to listen to other people talk about these specials check out the following podcasts:

  • Hey Kids Comics Vol. 2 #13.  Andy and Micheal Leyland finished off their Happy Birthday, Superman series by looking at the second Superman and Spider-Man meeting.  I would also urge you to listen to their show in general and their Happy Birthday, Superman series in specific.
  • Superman in the Bronze Age Episode 52.  While this show is on extended, extended hiatus Charlie Niemeyer had a really great Superman show focusing on the character’s Bronze Age adventures.  For Episode 52 Charlie teamed up with Josh Bertone and Donovan Morgan Grant to talk about Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man.  After that check out the rest of Charlie’s efforts because this was a great show and I miss it.
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