Back when Jeff and I started covering Zero Hour on From Crisis to Crisis I dedicated a few posts to the coverage Previews (the ordering guide for Diamond Distributors) gave to that event.  Well, the very next month Previews did the same thing with Zero Month.

Previews Zero Month 001

I have said it before and I will say it again…that is one amazing piece of art.

Zero Month took up a lot of real estate inside this edition of Previews.  Not as much as Zero Hour but it was pretty substantial.  The first few scans are comprised of the table of contents and some other bits of business that had to do with Zero Month.

Previews Zero Month 002 Previews Zero Month 003 Previews Zero Month 004

Next up is a quick article going over the basics of what Zero Month was going to mean for Superman, Batman and the other heroes and teams of the DC Universe.

Previews Zero Month 005 Previews Zero Month 006

You might notice that there are mentions of Zero Hour sprinkled through these images and at first it struck me as odd since I thought the focus should be on Zero Month but then it occurred to me that this edition of Previews would be coming out about a month or so before Zero Hour would hit the stands, so it makes sense that they would want to continue to pimp that series.  A good example of this is the preview to Zero Hour #4 that was in this Previews.

Previews Zero Month 007 Previews Zero Month 008 Previews- Zero Month 009Previews- Zero Month 010

As with the Zero Hour edition of Previews DC included some large house ads for the event.  Oddly enough they included a color and black and white version of the same image.  The image is quite cool and includes an alternate logo for Zero Month.  I love that the copy is so simple because the idea was pretty simple.

Previews- Zero Month 011 Previews- Zero Month 017

Zero Month was one of the Gems of the Month in this edition of Previews.  They also included a plug for Zero Hour, which made sense.

Previews- Zero Month 012 Previews- Zero Month 013

The solicits for the zero issues of the Superman titles ranged from having graphics and text to just text. None of them were in color, which was a bit disappointing.  There were even solicits for several issues of the Reign of the Supermen storyline being offered again.

ZM Solicits - Superman TMOS #0 ZM Solicits - Superman #0 ZM Solicits - AOS #0 ZM Solicits - Action Comics #0 ZM Solicits - Superboy #0 ZM Solicits - Steel #0 ZM Solicits - Offered Again AOS ZM Solicits - Offered Again Action ZM Solicits - Offered Again STMOS ZM Solicits - Offered Again Superman

And that is that.  Zero Month may not have received as much coverage as Zero Hour but I thought what we did get was pretty neat.  It also takes me back to that particular time in my life.  I had just graduated high school and was about to enter my freshmen year of college.  It was like my personal life was about to enter a brand new era so it only made sense that the fictional world I liked to spend time in was doing the same.  That may sound a little self-centered but I was eighteen years old and being a little self-centered was the order of the day.  It’s hard not to look back at this time without a set of rose tinted glasses but I think that most of what DC put out still holds up today, especially the Superman titles.  It was an exciting time.  I hope I can feel that way again someday.

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