Things are kind of quiet around the Fortress these days.  As I wrote yesterday Jeff and I are at the halfway point with the Death and Return of Superman and we’re at the period of time when the regular titles were on hiatus.  So there isn’t a whole lot of content related to the story that I can post because, well, there isn’t a whole lot of content to be had.  So today I have a random image to share that I thought you might like

In the comics this is the plaque that was placed on the ground outside of the Daily Planet building to mark the spot where Superman died.  The art in this image is by Dan Jurgens and comes from Adventures of Superman #500.  I was scanning some pages from that book to post here in the weeks to come, came across this panel and thought I would grab it.  I am glad I did.  It is rather cool.

And that’s it for today.  I feel like I should have more to post but the muse is not there today.  Plus, random images are fun and don’t need a lot of explanation.

Next time: Happy birthday, Superman!

More to follow…

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