Rest In Peace: Jim Mooney

It took me a few days to get to this and I kind of feel bad about that. 

Jim Mooney died. 

Now I will fully admit that I have not been the biggest fan of Jim Mooney’s artwork but that isn’t because I didn’t care for it.  I just wasn’t all that familiar with Mr. Mooney’s work.  Some other bloggers have talked about this with anecdotes and artwork (such as Heidi Meeley of Comics Fairplay) but I thought I would give a few thoughts myself.

As I wrote I’m not up to speed on Jim Mooney’s career but there was one place I came across his work and really liked it.  The Superboy series from the early nineties that was tied into the syndicated television series.  He drew the first eight issues of that book and I really dug his art.  His work had a smooth feel to it and I thought the comic complimented the series nicely.  As much as I respect the late Curt Swan’s work I was a little bummed when Mooney left the series with issue nine.

This is indeed a sad passing.  In looking at his work he was an obviously talented artist and from all accounts a nice guy.  My best to his friends and family.

More to follow…

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