The Death of Superman made headlines around the world.  His return garnered news coverage as well just not on the same level.  Christopher J. Warden was nice enough to send me scans of several of those articles and I thank him profusely for doing so.  This first one is from the Detroit Free Press.

This next one is a scan from something called Meijer’s Collectors Corner.  If the copy of this free giveaway is any indication Meijer was a chain of stores throughout the mid-western United States that decided to jump on the comic book collecting bandwagon because, hey, it was the nineties and everyone was doing it.  If Google is any indication this chain is still around today.

I have no idea where this last article comes from but I am suprised that they used Curt Swan art for the piece.  Not that I have anything against Curt Swan’s artwork.  He’s not my favorite Superman artist but I do respect the man.  My point, if I even have one, is that he had nothing to do with Superman’s return.

Oh well.  The article is neat to see nonetheless.

More to follow…

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  1. penfold says:

    With a print run somewhere in the millions, I feel bad for anyone who bought zillions of copies of AOS #500 when they’d have been lucky to get cover price for it even just a few years later. Well, not *too* bad but kind of bad. A little.

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