Today I am feeling kind of basic, which strikes me as a movie quote now that I think about it.  Didn’t John Cusak’s character say that in the movie High Fidelity?  I think he did.  I love that movie.  If I was a complete hack I would write my own version set in a comic book store instead of a record store because, let’s face it, that movie nails the collecting mentality and could easily be applied to just about any fandom.  Sure the ending would have to change slightly but the heart and soul of the piece would still be there.


Today I have the last two articles sent to me by Christopher J. Warden about the release of Superman #75.  The first one is from the Detroit News and it is…odd.

I am kind of curious where the writer, Rob Allstetter, got the idea that Doomsday had paws.  Maybe he saw the four pages of Doomsday punching the wall  that were at the end of the November 1992 Superman titles and thought, “Hey, that might be a paw.”  Or maybe the editor added that later.  In any case…weird.

After the confusion over whether or not Doomsday has opposable thumbs we move into the gossip and once again there are the, “Increase or decrease in powers,” and “Superman is going to be so much meaner when he gets back,” rumors followed by a new one (at least as far as my research goes) about Lois and Clark breaking up after the resurrection.  It seems strange that a creative team that spent so much time and energy trying to get those crazy kids together would chuck all of that away after Superman came back from the dead.  Then again rumors were probably flying fast and furious at the time, so this one is just as valid as the rest of them.

Finally there is a reference to Superman Returns, which surprised me a great deal.  I know there was talk of a new Superman film at the time but those rumors centered around a continuation of the Christopher Reeve films or a “Young Superman” film with Gerard Christopher.  The title Superman Returns has never come up in any of the articles I have read on the unmade Superman films between Quest For Peace and…well…Superman Returns, which doesn’t mean that it didn’t.  I just haven’t seen it yet.  I am curious where Rob got that name from.

I am also curious if the Rob Allstetter that wrote this article is the same Rob Allstetter that runs the Comics Contiuum.  That would be cool to find out.  An e-mail has been sent.  Updates will be given as they happen.

Update: Yup, it turns out that the Rob from the article and the Rob from Comics Continuum are one and the same.  Seems Rob worked as the Deputy Sports Editor for the Detroit News for about 15 years.  And know you know.

It was neat that the Detroit News went with the Adventures of Superman cover as their graphic.  In full color even.  Awesome.

Before I close up shop for the day here is the final article I was able to find/someone sent me.

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a sham.”

And with that one sentence we have the most insulting of the articles I have read.  At least they chose a good image to run with the text.

Next time: Doomsday’s Who’s Who in the DC Universe entry.

Yes, he had one.

More to follow…

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