Of all the Superman related ads that were run during the Doomsday story arc this one always made me curious.

I never had a Sega Genesis and the one guy I knew that owned one never got this game, so it has always eluded me.  Not as much as the Nintendo Superman game, which Sears always advertised but never, ever had no matter how many times my parents would try to order it but that is beside the point.  Thanks to the wonders of YouTube and a few people willing to post videos about the Sega game I was finally able to see what it was like.

And once again Superman gets shafted in the video game department.

Don’t get me wrong.  The graphics aren’t bad.  I especially like the Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez looking Superman flying out of the phone booth.  It is the game play that looks utterly disappointing.  Not only is it a typical side-scroller but once again we have a game where the lead character is invulnerable but still can be “hurt” by things that should not be able to hurt him.  On a more positive note I liked the shot of the ’90s era Brainiac in the Game Over screen.  That was cool.

Here’s another video with commentary and more game play.  The reviewer does drop a few expletives so be warned if you are sensitive to such things, checking this blog out at work or have little ones around.

So it looks like Superman fights the Prankster at the end of that first level.  Again, that’s cool but not enough to save the game.  I do plan to track down a copy at some point but that’s because I like collecting Superman merchandise.  To be fair if I had a working Sega Genesis I would even pop the game in just to see how it plays even if I know it would be extremely disappointing. 

It could be worse, though.  It could be this…

Or this…

At least I will always have Superman: Shadow of Apokolips to play on our Playstation 2.  While the final boss battle was disappointing that was one fun Superman game.

Next time: Some more fun with house ads as we head closer and closer to Superman #75.

More  follow…

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  1. Dan North says:

    The Death and Return of Superman is an awesome game. Have you played that Mike?

  2. Michael Bailey says:

    I did once back in 1995. A college buddy of mine had it and I played it for about an hour or so. I have a working SNES in the house so at some point I will have to plunk down the $20 to $30 to get one. I need to do that soon, actually.

  3. I wish we could get a great Superman game, at the level of the Batman: Arkham City/Asylum games.

    Instead, Superman 64 is considered one of the worst games (licensed or otherwise) in video game history.

    Superman Returns for XBox and Playstation 2 was a good start as far as the concept, with the open sandbox style, and access to Superman’s powers from the beginning. but not enough elbow grease went into fleshing out an actual playable experience.

    For another stinker, check out Superman: The Man of Steel for the XBox. Barely playable, despite acknowledging the B13 virus’ effects on Metropolis.

  4. Michael Bailey says:

    Superman needs something like Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Missions to go on and a story to follow but also the option to just cut loose and have fun with Superman’s powers. I would also like a really cool Fortress of Solitude.

  5. Dan North says:

    You mean Doc Savage’s? Easy joke. I played a simulator of it once I could never get past the Cyborg Superman level it was awesome.

  6. Badr Bally says:

    “At least I will always have Superman: Shadow of Apokolips to play on our Playstation 2. While the final boss battle was disappointing that was one fun Superman game.”

    Wait, what the Superman arcade?

    And do you plan to try the Superman Iphone/Ipad game?

  7. Michael Bailey says:

    Badr, I have never played the arcade game. I know someone that has one but I never managed to play one myself, which makes me sad.

    And if I ever get an iPhone or iPad I will definitely get that Superman game.

  8. Jeremy Kossak says:

    The Superman arcade game is at Galloping Ghost arcade in Brookfield, IL. They have the game set up, arcade cabinet and everything, with a Batman game that has a Burton look to it. Of all the games I could have played, including X-Men, Simpsons, and the original Street Fighter, Superman was the one I played. It was awesome.

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