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Up, Up, and Away Episode 07 – On the Origin(s) of Superman: 2001-2014

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Episode 07 – On the Origin(s) of Superman: 2001-2014

This week marks the final installment in this six part digital seminar as Mario covers the most recent retellings of Superman’s origin. It’s been a long journey, but with this end comes a new beginning.

For more Up, Up, and Away, visit www.upupandaway.podomatic.com or find us on Facebook by searching “Up, Up, and Away Podcast.” Mario can be contacted through Twitter @Mariofanofsteel or through email at [email protected] Up, Up, and Away is available for subscription of iTunes and is a proud member of The Superman Podcast Network.

Up, Up, and Away! Episode 05 – On the Origin(s) of Superman: 1978-1986

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On the Origin(s) of Superman: 1978-1986

Mario takes a look at the origins presented from 1978 through 1986 and “The Arctic Giant” Fleischer short. Be sure to stick around for a special surprise in this episode!

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Mario can be contacted through Twitter @Mariofanofsteel and through email at [email protected]

Superman Forever Radio Episode 53- The Man with the Kryptonite Heart




The beginning of the new year brings glad tidings, and we look at one of Superman‘s most recognizable foes, Metallo.

From the golden age prototype, Metalo, to The New 52, and Smallville- see what formed this villain, and what rendition of the character stands as Dave’s favorites.

Plus, why does this villain’s toy and video game appearances give Dave panic attacks?? Find out in the 53rd episode.


Ways to get the episode

Superman Forever Radio is a weekly podcast that looks at Superman in all media, from across the 75 year history of the character.

J David Weter is the host, bringing his personal perspective on the character from his 30 years of fandom. The opinions expressed in the program are his own, and do not reflect the views of any other parties.

Music used in the program is always copyright the respective copyright holders, and no infringement is intended.

Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Superman and all related characters, the distinctive likenesses thereof and related elements are trademarks of DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

This Podcast is for entertainment purposes only, and does not gain profit from the images, or related properties belonging to DC Comics or Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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“Man of Steel” Cast Comments – Speeding Bulletin (September 14-20, 2012)

Superman news for the week September 14-20, 2012. Brought to you by SupermanHomepage.com. Hosted by Steve Younis. Also includes the “Great Scott!” segment by Scotty V.

Speeding Bulletin (March 4-10, 2011)

Here’s the “Speeding Bulletin” video report for the week March 4-10, 2011.

The “Speeding Bulletin” is your weekly Superman news video, recapping the latest events in the world of Superman. It also includes the “Great Scott!” segment brought to you by Scotty V.

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Merchandise seen in this episode:

Superman Forever Radio Episode 12- Super-Crossover Extravaganza

 Episode 12- Super-Crossover Extravaganza

Superman Forever Radio is Super-Sized this week, as some special guests stopped in to talk Superman. From the Superman Video Podcast, Kaman Stowell was gracious enough to talk some Smallville, and the entire Superman Mythos. Travis Pyle returns to review Superman/Batman #30, and John Oliver takes on some review duties on Superman.

Plus, a look back at the cartoon that had me waking up before dawn in the late 80’s, and Metropolis Idol hits a new level of awesome, as two heavyweight contenders step into the SFR ring.
This is an episode that you do NOT want to miss.

One Note- as segments of the show were recorded with, or entirely on an iPhone, there are small instances of texts coming through, and some digital skipping. I have done my best to smooth these out, but imperfections still exist.

00:00-01:40- Welcome to Superman Forever Radio

01:41-4:43- The Ruby-Spears Superman Cartoon. In 1988, CBS aired an exciting animated vision of the Man of Steel. With high-caliber creator and voice actors. Why did this show last only one season? Listen and find out.

4:44-1:02:00- Kaman Stowell. The host of The Superman Video Podcast. Kaman and I talk the world of Superman. A Superman fan from a young age, Kaman and I talk Smallville, Superman: Earth One, Superman: Birthright, Superman Returns, and our first or earliest encounters wi

1:03:00-01:07:20- News. Has Kandor relocated to L.A.? Why did the son of Ziggy Stardust pass on Superman: The Man of Steel? Is a True Blood Werewolf heading to Canada to don the tights? Why am I suing a Swiss company for copyright infringement? And, what to look for in the comic shops on Wednesday.

01:07:21-01:08:30- Metropolis Idol Round 1, Week 7. It’s the battle of the movie Superm
en, as the late Christopher Reeve takes on his successor, Brandon Routh in a battle to progress to the next round, and become the official Superman chosen by you.

01:08:31-01:46:20- Reviews. Special guests Travis Pyle and John Oliver sit down to review the books cover dated November 2006. I finish up “Back in Action” with Action Comics 843, while John talks about Superman’s battle with Subjekt 17 in Superman 656, and “Enemies Among Us” Continues when Travis talks about Superman/Batman #30. Plus- a discussion of trades vs. floppies and comic book speculation.

01:46:21-01:47:30- Wrap-up. All the places you can, and should, be a part of the never-ending battle with SFR.
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