Hey, everyone.  As you might have noticed (which is kind of an arrogant statement now that I think about it) I haven’t posted anything for the last three days.  There is a good reason for this; I need a break.  Real life tends to kick my butt from time to time and between that and all of the work that has gone into the coverage of the Death and Return of Superman both here and on From Crisis to Crisis (co-hosted by Jeffrey Taylor) I am kind of wiped out at the moment.  So instead of pushing forward and risk burning out entirely I am stepping back for about two weeks and taking a break.

I’ll be back before you know it with more Death and Return of Superman related content.

More to follow…

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3 Responses to TAKING A BREAK

  1. Brad Wooldridge says:

    Good for you, Michael. Enjoy your rest. We can wait…I think!

  2. Jeremy Kossak says:

    What kind of microphone do you guys use to record?

  3. I use something called a Blue Snowball, which is an excellent usb microphone. Jeffrey has a Logitech headset.

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