This is the alternate cover to Wizard: The Guide to Comics #47 and I was surprised to discover that this was also the first Wizard cover to feature Superman.  Actually I shouldn’t have been surprised.  Wizard didn’t give DC much in the way of coverage for the first few years of its existence.  Insert snarky comment about how they were up the rectums of Marvel and Image here.  They didn’t even have a feature article on the Death of Superman when it happened and that was kind of a big deal.  They kind of made up for it with the excellent Wizard Superman Tribute Edition in 1993 but the Man of Steel didn’t appear solo on one of their covers until 1995.

This issue features an interview with Roger Stern.  Superman: The Man of Tomorrow was about to premiere, which was Stern’s return to Superman after leaving Action Comics the previous year.  It’s a good article too.  This cover was one of the images featured in that article and normally I would be upset by the angry red eyes of anger but this was before that was an overused cliche so it gets a pass.

Plus it’s Tom Grummett drawing Superman.  Which is awesome.

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