Some time ago I was looking through my news feed on Facebook and saw that writer Paul Kupperberg was selling some of his comic books and comic book related items on eBay.  Two of these items were the instructions to the 1974 releases of the Aurora Superman and Superboy model kits.  If my research is correct the original release of these models happened in 1964 and when they put them out again in ’74 they included a five page comic book story featuring Superman or Superboy (depending on the model) along with the instructions on how to put the model together.  So I bid on the instructions and eventually won the auctions.  It was pretty dang cool.

My original plan was to get the instructions, scan them and post them here.  My thinking was that these instructions were not only neat artifacts from the Bronze Age but also neat artifacts from the Bronze Age with fantastic creative teams.  The Superman instructions had a story written by Marv Wolfman with art by Curt Swan and Frank Giacoia while the Superboy instructions also had a story written by Wolfman with art by Dave Cockrum.  When the package arrived and I actually got to read the stories and look through the instructions it became apparent that scanning them page by page was not going to be an option.  The way these instructions were printed the spine was extremely rigid and would not bend.  Now I am not overly anal-retentive about my collectibles but I didn’t want to trash these things as they are probably the only ones I will ever own.  I was a little bummed by this because not only do you have the instructions on how to build the models and not only do you have these fun little stories but one of the pages was designed to be placed behind the model to mimic the box art/covers.

Oh well…that’s how these things work out from time to time.  As the Rolling Stones once sang you can’t always get what you want.  I will have to settle for posting the covers, which are still pretty bad ass in their own right.

Auroa Superman Instructions Aurora Superboy InstructionsFun fact: Jerry Ordway used the box art from the Superman model as his inspiration to the cover of 1990’s Superman #50.

Superman (Vol. 2) #050 OriginalAnother fun fact: I didn’t realize the first fun fact until just a few years ago when a listener pointed it out to Jeffrey Taylor and I after we discussed this issue on From Crisis to Crisis.  I feel a bit thick headed about that too because I bought a newer version of the model in 2003 and never put two and two together.

Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees.  I’m still kicking myself about this.

Anyway…enjoy the covers!  And thanks to Paul Kupperberg for selling these on eBay.  They have gone to what I like to think is a good home.

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