While my constant Death and Return coverage might be over I can still revisit the event every once in a while, especially when I am suddenly able to do something I wasn’t able to do before.  So here are all of the covers from the Death and Return of Superman saga presented in chronological order just in case you wanted to see some hi-resolution scans of them.

This is my first gallery for the site and I am loving it.  The only problem I am currently having (which might be resolved in the future) is that if you click on an image and hit next button it goes to the next image I uploaded, not the next image in the gallery.  My dreams of being able to scroll through the gallery in the order I placed the images in have been dashed for the moment.  Still, it looks really neat and I am so glad I figured out how to/can finally do this sort of thing.

When you look at all of the covers in order you really get the enormity of this story.  Starting with the one page teases at the end of the November 1992 cover dated books going all the way through the November 1993 cover dated books where most of the sub-plots and character arcs from the story are resolved the creators involved told a truly epic story.  Was it perfect all the way through?  No, but no story or project on this scale will be perfect from start to finish.  It was entertaining and not only served to re-energize the Superman titles and bring in a whole bunch of new readers but also to remind us why Superman is the greatest hero of all.  Sometimes you have to lose something to realize how special it was.  Luckily they brought him back in fine fashion.

Enjoy the covers.  They are from my own collection, which is why you see the wear marks and in some cases some signatures.

More to follow…

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